02.20.2014 09:42 AM

Ask me anything? Really?

Anyone who works with me at Daisy will tell you, if I get asked to do something, I quickly agree, forget about it, and then wonder why I agreed in the first place.

Anyway, this Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thing is today at 2, and I forgot that I agreed to do it pretty soon after I agreed to do it. I predict a total fiasco, as a result.

Link here. If you are irritating, I will find you and kill you.


  1. Matt says:

    I don’t know what that reddit thing is, so I’ll ask here:

    Did you see the CBC article earlier this week where the “introduced” Trudeau’s backroom team with glowing bio’s and quotes from them?

    Isn’t this a mistake? Shouldn’t yhe back room stay, you know, in the backroom? Did you ever do media when you were working for Chretien in the war room?

    I don’t imagine the Liberal MP’s will be to happy with it.

    And their bio’s make them sound like a bunch of trust fund babies and children of privilege who have never had to worry about being part of the middle class Trudeau is trying to woo.

    • Warren says:

      Ask me on the thing!

      • Chris says:

        If you want to win hearts and minds, it’s important that you give a couple hours to this thing – you don’t have to clear your schedule, but keep an eye on it for a while so it looks like you legitimately care about the questions and answers.

        AMAs with a time limit or a very short window (like an hour or two) are not looked upon kindly by the reddit community.

        Don’t be shy about plugging causes you might be interested in at the moment, but be sure to balance it out with genuine back and forth.

      • Matt says:

        Thanks for answering over at reddit!

  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I spend far too much time on reddit (read:wasting time and reading crap that is wtf? or some other useless subreddit), today should be a day of substance 🙂
    FYI: And it is all research 🙂 — trying to figure out how the youngsters (in my case anyone under 50) are relating to and commenting on the world – this takes time to do well.

    Looking forward to your session.

  3. “If you are irritating, I will find you and kill you.” Based on the comments preceding this one, I doubt it.

  4. Phillip Chamberlain says:

    @Matt: I think Trudeau’s biggest problem is seeming “in over his head”, so to speak.
    I couldn’t imagine a piece speaking to greater organization of the party effort would hurt.

    @Warren: Can’t wait! As for Reddit; it’s just like our Moms said about school: Just be yourself and nothing will go wrong and everyone will like you for who you are.

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