02.13.2014 08:15 AM

Byline: in which I suggest Jim Flaherty’s closest aides are Johnny Walker and Jim Beam

I’m about six minutes in, after Brian’s editorial. ┬áMy speculation about Flaherty’s state of mind, and his whiplash-inducing flip-flop on income splitting:

  • He has been taken hostage by officials in Finance, and what we saw post-budget was a hologram;
  • He thought it would be funny to blow up all the post-budget communications plans; or
  • He was in the bag.

Your own wild-eyed speculation is welcome. Anyway, one thing ain’t speculation: as no less than Brian and I agreed, everyone had a lousy comms day – except Thomas Mulcair.


  1. Warren says:

    You go on TV and do it. Economic growth has never been enough to reduce deficits. You need program cuts and increased revenue, too. Basic.

  2. Matt says:

    So, was Trudeau talking about DND procurement being put off a communications boner on his part, or strategy to make the Liberals seem military friendly all of a sudden?

    As for Mulcair, he’s been the best performer in Parliament for the past six months at least.

    His problem is he’s leading the NDP.

  3. SusanQ says:

    Rather than attacking Flaherty and the Con government over internal differences of opinions, why don’t you elevate debate here by discussing the pros and cons of income splitting?

    You and other in the media were complaining that Harper muzzles his MPs, but once there is an open disagreement, y’all jump on the Cons and revel in their defeat. Talk about duplicitous!

    • Warren says:

      Um, no. It was a clear repudiation of the platform upon which Flaherty was elected. That’s news, and newsworthy.

      • SusanQ says:

        no no no….. it’s just responsible governing which means you may have to reassess past promises. Is Trudeau or Mulcair going to promise income splitting and loss of tax money, money they want to keep and spend on their pet projects requiring bigger government? It’s a ‘promise’ not a ‘guarantee’!

        A responsible government must make decisions that are in the best interest of all Canadians, and all you are doing is trying to sow discontent without being responsible. You, warren are a scumbag who only feasts on carrion. I hate people like you and won’t come back here again.

      • Matt says:

        Ivison from the National Post is reporting on Twitter Flaherty and Harper are on the same page and the backbench, who ran on income splitting are going ballistic.

        Lilley at Sun News confirms the backbench is angry, but hasn’t confirmed if Harper and Flaherty agree.

        Flaherty is said to be worried income splitting may lead to large numbers of people, specifically woman leaving the workfoce to stay home (or men in cases where they earn less than their wife) with the kids, adding to the skills shortage.

  4. MississaugaPeter says:

    A few years back, after a side trip to Macau, I had a serious skin affliction. My well known, publishing doctor prematurely put me on PREDNISONE. Quickly took a side trip to St. Mike’s Emergency and got a specialist to assess it was not contagious. Thank God. Gained 10 pounds without trying in 3 days while on PREDNISONE. Was also completely out of it. Once on, the Web states, almost impossible to get off.

    When I saw Flaherty a while back and heard he was on prednisone, I thought his days as Finance Minister were numbered. The fact he is still Finance Minister is incredible. Don’t get me wrong, I have always disliked him, like Clement and Baird from their Harris days. But I find it incredible he didn’t just retire.

    Point: Unlike the fat, drunken slob at your city hall, I think In Flaherty’s case it’s legit meeds.

  5. William says:

    Political deathbed confession.

  6. e.a.f. says:

    income splitting may have been part of the con’s promises, but it works well for only a small portion of Canadians. Those are Canadians who are already making a good buck. More focus might be better placed on those with more limited incomes. Now one could say, those who benefit from income splitting are part of oil can stevie’s base, however, that base won’t be large enough to re-elect him, if its an honest election.

    when ever government reduces the amount of money it takes in, it impoverishes itself and thus the citizens who rely on programs government ought to offer. this is not about the well to do being able to have more more money or their spouses staying home with the children. The country needs an income to keep going,. you know those things like federal government workers, military, health care, infrastructure. when corporations and people who already are doing quite well, thank you very much, are given even greater benefits, at the expense of others, its not a great way to run a country. Yes, the country needs to take in income to reduced the debt, but that should not be happening on the backs of those who can afford it least. It really is getting tiring to hear about how this corporation needs this or that or more tax exemptions. In the end the companies which want to leave will eventually do it, regardless of what the government offers them. There will always be another government who will be willing to offer them more.

    who knows why Flaherty said what he did. perhaps its the old line of I don’t care what you say about me, just spell my name correctly. It certainly took the attention off other things.

    As to what the kid may or may not do, if elected doesn’t really matter. As long as we are rid of oil can stevie, this country will be in a better place. All we can hope for is Trudeau jr. undoes a lot of the harm oil can stevie has done.

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