02.27.2014 07:20 AM

Canada’s bad week in the Ukraine

I see.

You know, Trudeau (rightly) apologized for making a bad joke about a situation in which Ukrainian citizens have been killed.

But will Harper and his cabal (promptly) apologize for trying to take political advantage of a situation in which Ukrainian citizens have been killed?

Don’t hold your breath.



  1. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    We’ve moved far away from the prowess and fairness of true diplomats like Lester Pearson and Derek Burney. On the other hand, we must give Baird credit for working with the USA on an international zombie strategy (ref National Post February 13, 2013).

  2. dave says:

    Seems a short sighted move! Last eve I watched House of Commons discussion (it was more discussion than debate) for about an hour. I caught members of 4 different parties speaking questioning and commenting. They all seemed to be reflecting the same perceptions and judgments about Ukraine today, so I do not see that taking opposition party people would be any kind of problem for government or Ukraine.

  3. Domenico says:

    I cannot believe Harper would be so petty and cynical. And I cannot believe such a noted iconoclast like Baird would go along with such base politicizing of an international event. What is most important is that an unfortunate off hand remark taken out of context is not being used as justification for the aforementioned!

  4. nadinelumley says:

    Federal Con MP Ted Opitz, who “won” Etobicoke-Centre riding by 26 votes, has acknowledged in article pub. Feb. 16, 2014 –> after 6 year Elections Canada investigation <– exceeded his personal contribution limit to 2008 race for riding of Mississauga South by nearly $7,000.

    2008? And he was allowed to run against Borys Wrzesnewskyj in May 2011 election. Seriously?


    • Ottawa Civil Servant says:

      And Liberals still owe hundreds of thousands from leadership campaigns- YEARS after legislation states it was due.


  5. calvin says:

    Mark Steyn commented on you defence of undefendable comments made by J.T. He nailed it.

  6. Domenico says:

    Well he was reading Mark Steyn therefore the awarding of the descriptor “idiot” is, imho, redundant.

  7. Coelocanth_Jones says:

    I previously posted here identifying myself as one who thinks what Justin Trudeau said was dumb, and I do believe he has a real propensity for saying dumb stuff, but on the real, those who claim that his failed attempt at humour compromises the Ukrainian democratization process is like saying that Stephen Harper supports pedophilia due to that one guy from Herringbone

  8. Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    The first thing a Ukranian newb or apparatchik is going to do, is look up the names of the entourage. And find Canada on the map.
    If Trudeau is going, he will have the comment and the stink.

    Their ambassador will provide briefing notes. This is the same guy who commented on it and accepted JT’s personally delivered apology.
    They don’t need to bring a big entourage everywhere they go (ie flak for Israel visit) but this time, maybe keeping a distraction off the plane was the way to go.

    • James Hanna says:

      Ukrainians don’t need much help finding Canada on a map. Canada was the first Western country to recognize Ukrainian independence in 1991, and I’ve been reminded of that every time I’ve been there. As for the entourage, Trudeau would not have gone even if he didn’t make a stupid joke; it would have been either Garneau, Dion, or Cotler, and maybe another MP with Ukrainian connections; ditto for the NDP.

  9. Lance says:

    Trudeau tends to say a LOT of foolish things that “he didn’t mean to”. It still causes problems when he says them, though.

  10. dave says:

    Conservatives got after the comment on hockey and Ukraine because they care about the people in Ukraine who were slain.

    Today I caught the part of question period in the House of Commons where Conservatives answered questions regarding the many murdered and missing Aboriginal women in our country, and saw how much Conservatives care about them.

  11. MyronB says:

    Liberals have lost the Ukrainian-Canadian vote and possibly even the Polish, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian Canadian votes; all of whom are in the shadow of Russia.

    Being of Ukrainian descent, I can tell you that we are scratching our heads and some are using rather rough language to describe Justin, such as banyak (empty pot), durak (idiot), and even hemno which I hesitate to translate. Canadian Ukrainians are in pain and Justin jokes? Kiss of death!

    Here’s the problem: how many more gaffes will it take before Liberal party members become discouraged with his facile leadership? 18 months is a lot of opportunity time to alienate others, but for now he’s nearly lost 1+ million voters of Ukrainian descent, and they GOTV.

    He’s lost the Chinese-Canadian vote over his admiration of the Chinese Communist dictatorship, and now the Ukrainian vote.

  12. MyronB says:

    I’m neither, and I certainly didn’t vote Liberal in the last election because Ignatieff called Ukrainians “little Russians”. (If you are able to look at his words in Russian, it would mean “lesser Russians”, a crass insult.) Neither did the many Ukrainians in Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding vote for Ignatieff. You can be certain that many Ukrainian Canadians will now do that nationally over Trudeau’s insensitive remark about the Ukrainian plight.

    Harper was correct to not include questionable Liberals and NDPers in the government delegation to the Ukraine for security reasons. Many Ukrainians in the Ukraine are well aware of Trudeau’s words about their difficulties and are not happy with him. They watch the news and internet and they know who their friends in Canada are.

    • W the K - No, not Warren says:

      You know what Myron? I don’t think you’re Ukrainian.

      We don’t use the term “the Ukraine”.

      • MyronB says:

        @Scot & W the K…. I am a second generation Ukrainian Canadian and both of you are just attacking the messenger, me, rather than broaching the problems that Trudeau is facing in Canada. He insults Alberta, Chinese, Ukrainians and now the Jews. Both of you are desperate because you refuse to acknowledge the problems that are mounting around Trudeau.

        Trudeau does not represent my Canada and Liberals will have big problems come the next election. Address your comments to that issue and not attacking me personally.

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