02.13.2014 04:31 PM

Daisy help

We are interested in hearing from you if you are young, political and progressive – and a good writer. Email your stuff to info at daisygroup dot ca.


  1. Pipes says:

    Is 63 young? I do dishes and janitorials and I have two dogs.

  2. KenzoS says:

    @ 51, I’m 21 years past my Logans Run expiry date and probably 25 years past being Daisy fresh.

  3. SherryBellamy says:

    Skilled writer, political, progressive. Succinct. Not, however, “young”, alas.

  4. Mulletaur says:

    Huh, ageist. You will struggle to find anybody who is young and a good writer given what schools turn out these days.

  5. Paul Brennan says:

    dont underestimate the yout of today…the successful ones deserve a lot of credit given what schools do to them

  6. Theia says:

    Can you provide any clarification on what you mean by “stuff”? Thanks!

  7. Phillip Chamberlain says:


    I don’t think schools “turn out” good writers now, nor have they ever.
    Heck, I’m doubtful they “turn out” good students either.
    Good writers are good writers and always have been, despite the times.
    Don’t write off an entire generation.

    As for this? Lets go with Affirmative Age-Consideration.
    Unless you feel the youth are just over-represented in politics…

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