02.28.2014 12:01 PM

Dear Everyone With Something To Announce Today:

Down tools.  Hadrian Trudeau has just blown up the news cycle.



  1. Steven says:

    Predictably, the National Post publishes an article today to say that JT doesn’t know his history in that, among other things, the Roman Emperor Hadrian was/is historically reviled by the Jewish people.

  2. Warren says:

    And, you know, it’s A BABY.

  3. dave says:

    Names could be important that way.
    I for example am named after a king who was voyeur-ing around the neighbourhood, saw his neighbour’s wife sunbathing or whatever, thought her an eyeful, lusted after her (forgot his Decalogue lessons down at the temple), so, being the king, he arranged for his neighbor to stand at the front of the army going into battle so the guy would be slain, and then he went about getting into hanky panky with his ex neighbour’s widow.

    … in my case, I never got around to living up to the tradition, so I wouldn’t be so quick to lay that kind of stuff on to an hours old baby.

    In the National Post, is it? Do they also analyze economics and politics?

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