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SNN: David, Brian and me talk about the politics of the budget


  1. WW says:

    How about Justin’s inane comments on the Budget while Mulcair responded knowledgeably showing why only he can replace Harper.

    Justin is incompetent on finance and budget issues while Mulcair is competent and responsible in his national finance and budget position.

    Justin was interviewed on the Budget on CBC by Evan Solomon, and Evan had to feed Justin softball questions to get some kind of response from him and it became a #fail moment. Solomon was more knowledgeable than Justin.

    Justin was banal while Mulcair was succinct. Justin was a loser and Mulcair a winner, and it was quite obvious.

    • Kaspar Juul says:

      Quite obvious you’ve been peddling your lame astroturf WW.

      WW was banal while Kinsella was succinct. WW was a loser and Kinsella a winner, and it was quite obvious.

      • WW says:

        Mr. Kinsella apparently thinks my “lame astroturf” is acceptable for discussion/debate. Any way you cut it, Mulcair is a superior political leader of the centre-left than crass celebrity star Trudeau. How long do you think Justin’s popularity will last when Canadians must make a serious decision on who is best fit to replace Harper and his Conservative accomplices?

        In today’s HOCs QP, Harper landed most of the questions on the Budget and mocked Trudeau for his inane comment that “the Budget would balance itself out”. Harper destroyed Trudeau in QP. Justin could only read his scripted questions while Harper stood up and responded knowledgeably and spontaneously. I think a PM Mulcair has the economic chops to do the same plus put Justin to shame in debate.

        Come election time, it’s going to be a choice between Harper and Mulcair for competent, intelligent leadership….. and I vote Mulcair. Who do you vote for?

        • Domenico says:

          Well, since you asked, not angry Tom.

        • ottlib says:

          Time will tell.

          However, it should be noted that elections are not won in Question Period.

          As well, there is one intangible that cannot be denied or ignored. That is, no politician who began their career in provincial politics has successfully made the jump to the PMs chair in the last half-century or so.

          Stockwell Day was the last to try and he failed miserably. He was a successful cabinet minister in the Alberta government but that did him no good in 2000.

          Finally, regardless of who has lead the NDP Canadians have never trusted them with power. Not Ed Broadbent, not Jack Layton. They have only trusted two parties for that job and you know which ones they are.

          That has yet to change. The NDP certainly achieved their best electoral results in their history in 2011 but they still did not win anything. Instead they just found themselves in the most frustrating place you can be in Canadian politics, being the Official Opposition to a majority government. Whether they can parlay that into an election victory remains to be seen but I would not bet your house on that outcome.

          • Ron says:

            Do you seriously cling to the delusion that Justin Trudeau is prime ministerial material, and in the 2015 election Canadians will overwhelmingly vote Liberal to get a PM Justin? How do you reconcile the reality that Justin is still not a legitimate political leader and in fact is still in a learning and training mode? He may be popular amongst younger women and some men, but like any celebrity he could lose his sheen when his many weaknesses are exploited and exposed by the Cons and NDP. Justin is truly “in over his head” and may have reached his level of incompetence — leader of the floundering federal Liberal party.

        • Kaspar Juul says:

          No it’s until you become bothersome or are unable to stay on topic

  2. Matt says:

    I’ve always wondered if these university students complaining the can’t find a job after graduation, blaming everyone for their predicament ever look in the mirror.

    Did they take the time to investigate the job prospects BEFORE deciding to get a degree in English Literature or Ancient Eastern religion?

    • Kaspar Juul says:

      Funny, you set up an easy astroturf to make your point.

      • Matt says:

        Watch the news my friend.

        They went to university campuses looking for reaction to the budget and to ask students about what happens after graduation. Every one of the students asked was complaining about no jobs in their field of study. When the interviewer asked them about the governments jobs grants program that would give the up to $4,000 to learn a trade, they all had the same disgusted look on their face. One girl’s response “Manual labor? No thanks. Me and manual labour don’t mix”

        Well, to that I say Have fun spending the rest of your life behind the counter at Starbucks sweetheart.

        • Kaspar Juul says:

          Starbucks that’s funny. Yet you ask me to do your research. Do you need help with your EI reporting?

          • Matt says:

            Sorry big guy. Not on, nor have I ever needed EI.

            I went to Seneca College and got an education learning skills that are actually in demand.

            Graduated with honours in Fire Protection Engineering Technology and work in the private fire protection industry. Currently do fire alarm and sprinkler design which allows me to work from home whenever I want.

            Now get me that capuccino.

          • Kaspar Juul says:

            Ha ha. University of Waterloo educated and have been working since. Someone has to make the software work so you can blather on.

            Maybe you can help with my lawn sprinkler

          • Kaspar Juul says:

            Oh paid for it with five summers at a rubber factory in kitchener loading a belt. So don’t try that hard work nonsense

    • ottlib says:

      Oh for the love of cheesecake!! When are Conservatives going to realize that knowledge and the pursuit of same has an intrinsic value over and above its ability to provide us with the tools to “find a good job”. Knowledge is what helps us understand the world we live in and the collective knowledge that we have acquired over the centuries in the reason why we live in a world that would gob smack our distant ancestors.

      I shudder to think what our world would be like if the likes of Newton, Darwin, Locke, Smith and Einstein, just to name a few, would have narrowed their lines of inquiries to ones that just made them a decent living. For that matter what if the authors of the American Declaration of Independence had stuck with acquiring knowledge just to help them make money instead of also learning the classics.

      Knowledge is power and it has been forever thus.

      All of the inventions and processes that make our live comparatively easy has been derived from the quest to understand our world, not the other way around.

      If we, as Canadians, want to continue playing with the big boys we should be encouraging our youngsters to acquire knowledge, even if it does not currently have a practical application. You never know where that knowledge will lead.

      If we, as species, wants to survive we had better continue to strive to understand the world around us. If we stop it will just roll right over us.

      • Matt says:

        Sure, BUT gain that knowledge in areas that are currently in demand and will continue to be in the future.

        If you want to get a degree studying 18th century playwrights, go right ahead. But don’t go crying to the government when you can’t find employment and expect them to bail you out.

        And when I say you, I’m not referring to you specifically.

  3. Ron says:

    Justin Trudeau: “It’s a ‘do nothing’ Budget!”
    Justin Trudeau: “The Budget will balance itself!”

    By that logic, Justin should be supporting the Budget, n’est-ce pas?

  4. e.a.f. says:

    the kid was a bit hesitant, but hey, he’s better than oil can stevie. this budget isn’t worth much. when it comes to election time, it will depend upon how many people the cons have hurt and if they go out and vote against them. right now they have hurt a lot and getting bad press on some of it.

    there is nothing in the budget for the 20/30 somethings. bringing in foreign labour while they continue to be under and unemployed isn’t going to get oil can stevie any votes. young people haven’t been able to start their lives the way aging baby boomers did at their age. In places such as ‘vancouver the purchase of a home is a non starter unless you have parental financial assistance. wages are low and costs are high. there is no plan regarding training for trades or something along those lines. no they just keep bringing in foreign workers.

    what is interesting is the budget mentioned doing away with the entrepeneur class. that has been a blight on the economy and driven realestate values through the roof in vancouver. Canada really hasn’t benefited from it at all. In the end it will cost Canada a lot more than it gained. it remains to be seen if they stick with that one. of course if oil can steve pushes through the china/canada free trade agreement they won’t need a special class to get into canada, they own it.

    both the liberals and cons have toyed, fucked with u.i./e.i. for political reasons. the plan as brought in by Trudeau Sr. ought to have been left alone. It actually was the closest thing we had to a way to keep people off welfare and leave them some pride. now its a much lower rate and the premuims paid in by workers have been used by all sorts of governments for all sorts of things. if the money had just been left in the fund and used strictly for unemployment benefits the fund would have been fine. to use it for grants and top ups, etc. was just a waste of money and benefited employers and private trade schemes. politicians have used the fact people become unemployed as a blame the victim scene. As for the rate of unemployment, you can usually count on it actually being twice what the posted rate is.

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