02.13.2014 08:29 AM

Texas sportscaster on gay football players…and what he says isn’t what you expect

This guy is my new personal hero.  Just epic.


  1. G. Babbitt says:

    Sam has shattered a lot of prejudices that I previously held. From what I understand, his team mates and coaches at Missouri new he was gay and didn’t care. MISSOURI!!! The heart of the SEC. The world is changing and this story is producing more positive response than negative.

    • Matt says:

      I think Bob McCowan of the Fan 590 in Toronto said it best.

      The first current big name pro athelet to come out will get massive media coverage. The second will get about half the coverage of that. The third will get about half the coverage of that, and by the 4th or 5th, it will barely register as a story anymore.

  2. Matt says:

    You have to laugh at some of the comments from some current NFL players.

    One guy who I never heard of said he won’t shower with a gay player.

    All I thought was: Dude, you’ve been showering with gay players your entire footbal career from high school to the pros. You just didn’t know it.

  3. Ridiculosity says:

    This sportscaster has shown remarkable courage in voicing his opinions (and I’d bet the house that he’s going to pay heavily for it in the long run.)

    Texas is Bible Thumper central; a state that adamantly refuses to embrace even the smallest of progressive values (including sex education in schools).

    I have friends who lived there and they had to lie about which “church” they attended on Sunday just to “keep” their jobs.

    An intelligent, exceptionally well written piece by an obviously intelligent sportscaster, a bit of a misnomer in itself.

  4. nez1 says:

    Thought Gord had taken off to a land where eating burritos when driving–and thus potentially drumming up more business– is a sacred moral right…what he really means is that Dems are godless babykillers who want heathen abortions

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