02.11.2014 10:19 AM

Two smart young men: listen to them, Toronto

Meet Eli and Nick, both 13.  They’re outside Mayor Crackhead’s office today, along with others, to basically just say he no longer has the moral authority to govern.  Say the boys: “We’ve always been taught not to do drugs.”

They’re smart young men.  Conservatives, you always used to believe in family values – and law and order.  Given that, how can you defend a lying, drug-abusing creep like Rob Ford anymore?


  1. .. seriously ? You don’t expect a toady like Jim Flaherty
    to defend his wonderful family toad friend.. ?
    And others from that sanctimonious Reform quagmire of Kon brand Alliances

    The Harper Valley Party values are Canada’s values..
    Stealthy Spy Stevie says so.. and he should know

    So.. what could be wrong with Mayor Ford’s values.. ?
    Stephen Harper says we all share those same values
    smokin crack, spying, lying.. obstructing, dark secrets..
    fraud.. drinking and driving.. hypocracy ..narcissm

    Props to the kids .. for sayin it aint so ..
    that they have and hold to different values.. and beliefs.. ie their own

    .. and the salamander says those kids have glowing hearts
    and they act like any real Canadians do .. by stepping up

    the so called mayor’s heart went dark, long long ago, Flaherty’s too
    Harper never had one.. so how could it glow ?

  2. !o! says:

    Ford used to live a quiet life, in fact it was a bare existence
    he passed out on many floors, he doesn’t do that any more

    He’s in the clear man, he’s in the clear
    because he’s a conservative

  3. Jnap says:

    I just watched a great Western movie, filmed on location in Canada, but about an American outlaw. i think the new movie about RoFo should use its title: “The Assassination of Toronto by the Coward Robert Ford”

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