02.03.2014 07:56 AM

World’s tallest freestanding mayor

Mayor de Blasio and Lala. She’s six feet even, but taller in her Sorels. So just how big is this guy, anyway?

From the venerable Times, which has conducted an inquiry into the matter:

“…Mr. de Blasio has long described himself as 6-foot-5. But doubts about that measurement have lingered among skeptical tall people who have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him and wondered if the mayor understates his height.

Those doubts, it turns out, were well-founded.

After an inquiry this week, aides to Mr. de Blasio acknowledged that the mayor is nearly an inch taller than he has publicly let on.

Mr. de Blasio stands 6-foot-5 and seven-eighths of an inch, according to a study commissioned by his office.

“The man I’ve known for 22 years is not what he appears to be,” said Chirlane McCray, Mr. de Blasio’s wife, who is 5-foot-3 1/2 inches and, according to aides, wielded a household tape measure to conduct the test. (The mayor was not made available for an independent review.)



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  1. sezme says:

    (A little early for “Presidents Day” but) Almost as tall as George Washington.

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