03.19.2014 08:18 AM

Fun Olivia TV interview thing



  1. HukedOnFoniksWurkedFourMi says:

    Five questions Olivia Chow should seriously ask Robert Bruce Ford at the next debate, and his likely responses:

    1) Have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years?
    – (long pause)…YES…hold on…I answered this question…what the eff?

    2) If you’re elected mayor a 2nd term, are you prepared for city council to strip your powers again?
    – (smirking)…YES…hold on…NO…(looking at Doug Jr.)…i will do my best, my best to be nicer.

    3) The ongoing police investigation into people you associate with may result in more arrests. Is it fair for a city and its mayor to be embroiled in such legal disputes?
    – (angry tone) My record speaks for itself…I saved $1 billion dollars…you can ask my brother…and for the record I did NOT eat John Tory…I have plenty to..umm…NM.

    4) Attrition in your offices seems to be high and council voted 37-5 to strip your powers; how do you plan to work with people who won’t work with you?
    – (looking up)…I hire professionals..i am in the gym everyday…I can finally see, see the tips of my shoes…i will run city hall alone…its what people erected me to do.

    5) Toronto is a multi-million dollar business which requires a CEO mayor who is able to improve its image and progress it forward, do you agree with this?
    – (what would dad do?)…cha…me a run tings…I luv mi fada…I luv mi muma…respect to rexdale crew..biggup steak queen…cha…me gwan eat sum roti n jerk chicken…peace maan..everytin ire.

  2. !o! says:

    Pretty cute interview.

    One thing I think is really great about Olivia is that she comes across as so genuine when she does interviews. Her personality is just there. This is something that has benefited Ford– the average person gets the impression that just get him, and he comes across as the average Joe sixpack (or Joe three-case?). Tory? Not so much, he looks like some wealthy dude who is talking down to you, or obfuscating or something.

    She’ll do really really well in debates.

  3. Congratulations on getting the CBC to do a campaign commercial for Olivia!

  4. Margaret says:

    Terrible that we pay for that! CBC can’t wait to see you gone!

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