03.19.2014 09:14 AM

More: former Rogers employee says she was “encouraged” to vote for John Tory by her bosses





  1. John Werry says:

    For a reminder re Mr. Tory look up a Toronto Star article dated December 5, 2007. Something about post election blues and the unofficial launch of the “Dump Tory” movement by Progressive Conservatives stung by Tory’s fumble on the Religious Schools “idea”. Yesterday Rogers redirected me from Huffington Post repeatedly and automatically. I was trying to read about Mr. Flaherty. When I turned off Java Script, it stopped. When it was after hours at Rogers the phenomenon stopped. Changing service providers soon -my wife is the “Customer” (Sucker). Would it not be a massive conflict of interest to have a person on the Rogers Board while he is Mayor of Toronto?? If we vote for Tory, Yikes! Call Reuben Devlin Quick! Or we will be bogged down with the same crappy infighting as Tory is an easy target. He should remove the bullseye but don’t tell him, he might win. Olivia Chow for Mayor!

  2. David says:

    OMG! But the conspiracy widens: When I went to the University of Ottawa I was encouraged to join the Young Liberals.

  3. Redgerrymander says:

    This sort of thing is unsurprising, seeing that most of us spend our days working in an environment closer to feudalism than democracy.

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