04.03.2014 07:50 AM

A statement by the lawyer to my friend Laura Miller, who is smart, decent and honest, and doesn’t deserve the crap being thrown at her

Given that we’re paying attention to the OPP’s mistakes, this morning, this is appropriate:

It has recently been reported that Laura Miller, a former Deputy Chief of Staff in the Ontario Government, had refused to cooperate with the Ontario Provincial Police in an ongoing investigation.  The source of that information is the OPP. For the record, Laura agreed to cooperate in the investigation at all times.  Laura spoke to the OPP in September before asking me to facilitate the interview.  The assertion that she refused to cooperate is false

If folks want to know more, they can contact Brian Shiller.

But the OPP’s insinuation that my friend refused to cooperate? It’s bullshit.




  1. Jerry says:

    This is the same thing the RCMP did with its false charges against Ralph Goodale which brought Stephen Harper to power.

  2. Tracey says:

    The entire thing stinks. And I question why there’s a gas plant commercial produced from a person in Vaughan ‘Your Billion dollars’ timed coincidentally with the OPP release.


    • Matt says:

      With respect, why would you question where the maker of that lives?

      This was the waste of 1.1 billion Ontario taxpayer dollars. Vaughan is in Ontario.

  3. e.a.f. says:

    I’ll take that as the final word on that. Now if that is the same Ms. Miller who is working for Christy Clark in B.C., the media here might want to know also,.

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