04.21.2014 01:23 PM

I don’t believe it

I don’t doubt for a minute that some Ontario Dippers told my friend Susanna what she’s reported here – she’s one of the most honest and terrific reporters around – but it’s not what I’ve been hearing.  Thus this and this and this.

I’ve been wrong before, and I could be wrong again.  I kind of hope I am.



  1. Duane says:

    Should an election be called, then I still see the out come being a minority government especially given the recent polls. I believe it would be an NDP minority government with the LIB and PC fightout for second place. Hudak is not connectiong with the voters and his flip-flop on the Right to Work policy he thought would help get him elected will be used by both LIB and NDP saving he cannot be trusted. I also think that the public is getting tired of the Hudak-McLeod, I am mad as hell routine but not putting forward believable policies to counter the Liberals. If in the early days of the election it looks like Hudak is floundering, you might actually see him lose his own riding, either way, his days as leader of the PCs are numbered.

    • Warren says:

      Agree, agree and agree.

      • Matt says:

        Is it possible people are parking their vote with the NDP in the recent polling and by-elections because there really isn’t/wasn’t anything on the line?

        Polling outside of a campaign or voting in by-elections that had no chance of changing the balance of power in the Ontario legislature might have quite a different outcome when the general election is on.

        Maybe with Horwath and the NDP, they’re the party people don’t mind dating, but might not want to marry, so to speak.

        • michael says:

          The NDP has gotten a pretty easy ride, because they haven’t been seen as a threat to form government. Neither of the other parties or the media have scrutinized their policies or their team beyond Andrea. That’s all going to change now.

    • Coelocanth_Jones says:

      Even if the PCs remain competitive, I am tantalized by this suggestion of yours suggesting that Hudak will be sent curbside. Personally, though, I’ve been wondering whether Wynne will be the 5th premier in a row to lose her seat on election night

  2. SD says:

    With Andrea Horwath moving the Ontario NDP to the right of the Liberals, and with her recent comment on the web exclusive in the Globe and Mail that she would get tough against the public service unions, she will have a difficult time balancing the desire to get conservative-type supporters while not alienating the progressive base of the party’s support.

  3. Coelocanth_Jones says:

    The worst kept secret at Queen’s Park, IMOHO. Hope to see some of you on the campaign trail, if just metaphorically speaking

  4. Julie Sharp says:

    I don’t want to see a Hudak government but I am unwilling to simply assume that Horwath will win a minority government because Hudak is “unpopular”.

    I prefer to anticipate the worse and assume that Hudak will win the election with a viciously successful attack ad campaign against both Wynne and Horwath.

    What can the PCs say that would be so damaging to the Liberals and NDP in Ontario? It’s not difficult to imagine what mire they can fling in a last desperate attempt to turn Ontarians away from Wynne and her ally Horwath.

    The election will come down to the Hudak PCs versus the Wynne Liberals and Horwath NDP. The good Right man versus the corrupt Left sisters!

    So just assuming that Hudak is unpopular is a dangerous assumption that can lose the election to the PCs. I don’t want that to happen.

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