04.10.2014 04:25 PM

I hate everything

So I go over to George Brown College at noon to give a speech thing to their board. It went well. Felt good. Went for lunch at the Patrician. Talked to Terry and Chris.

Later, driving on Lakeshore with my little guy – and the front left wheel cover comes flying off my truck. Flies off. Throw on the emergencies and get off the road.

Guess what? When I was at the speech or the diner – parked in broad daylight on one of the busiest streets in Toronto – someone hit the front left and just kept on going. Left no note, nothing. Nobody else did, either.

Just finished with the parts guy. It’s going to cost me a few bucks under my $500 deductible. Asked the guys there if I should call the cops, they laugh. “They won’t do anything,” guy says.

I therefore hate everything tonight. Stay away from me.


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    Mississaugapeter says:

    About 15 years ago, my new minivan was stolen in broad daylight from work parking lot at 110 Bridgeland (Dufferin/401).

    Called cops. They came and took info.

    I went on a mission to find my van. Spent all night visiting parking lots and schools and everywhere I could think of in a 5 km radius.

    In morning looked over from Yorkdale Mall and considered checking the Holiday Inn. Went, and presto, I found it.

    The passenger window was rolled down.

    Called the police and said I had not touched the car (figuring that they would get fingerprints). They said great and thanks and let your insurance company take care of the rest.

    The tow truck guy who picked up the van said the ignition was masterly pulled out since it was still intact (not a joyrider but professional job) and the vehicle was probably left there until they scooped up a few more vehicles. He said the police don’t care and don’t really chase thieves of $20,000 vehicles.

    That was enlightening. The biggest part of the City of Toronto budget, and they don’t care. Wonderful.

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    Michel says:

    Call your broker/insurance agent. A garage guy doesn’t know anything about insurance. Since you’re not at fault, no deductible should apply but you’ll have to report it to the police. Your premium “could” go up but that depends on factors that your broker and/or agent can better determine.

    Again, call your broker to discuss options. The garage guy’s advice costs will cost you just under $500. Mine might save you that amount.

    Who are you going to listen to?

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      MississaugaPeter says:

      Sorry Michel, if I was WK, I too would tell him to suck it up. If he doesn’t, and has another accident/claim, he may end up paying more than that $500 annually.

      I feel like shit from hell giving this advice because we do pay nastie premiums, but many things in life are shit from hell and nastie.

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        Michel says:

        The broker/agent will tell you whether to expect no premium hike, a small one or a big one depending on driving history. It would be a mistake to assume a high premium increase without even knowing the driving history.

        I’m not advocating “report it as a claim no matter what”, I’m simply arguing to make a phone call to his insurance broker or, if he’s insured directly with an insurance company, an agent.

        And damage for which you are not responsible for doesn’t result in as big a premium increase as that you are responsible for.

        I’m saying: “Get the facts and make an informed decision” rather than “Go with garage dude!”

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      Mary says:

      Yeah, like when you make a flood damage or tree damage claim on your house insurance, and you’re “not at fault”, so the deductible doesn’t apply!!! The tooth fairy pays it!!

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        Michel says:

        If someone has 20 years of coverage with one auto insurance company and you send in a small claim after a spotless record, more often than not, the insurance company will pay the claim without… you know what, they’ve convinced me after all, go with garage dude’s advice.

        Making a phone call to your broker will necessarily result in a huge premium hike. Not only for you but for your children’s auto policy when they get one. The “sins of the father are passed down to the son” clause. Don’t make that phone call, Warren!

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    CCTV or security video available?

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    Swervin' Merv says:

    I’d be pissed off too at your “turn of events,” Warren, going from cosy lunch to a costly afternoon. (Especially after the Leafs’ chances officially died this week.)

    Yet, an even worse day today for Jim Flaherty.

    To briefly brighten the moment, for you and your many web fans, I would recall the best editorial cartoon this week (especially understandable to Leafs’ fans):


    The real test for any editorial cartoonist worth their salt will be doing a sensitively telling one about Flaherty’s contributions.

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    Philippe says:

    Twice it’s happened to me. One time on a public street, my whole door was smashed in. Cot me 1000 deductible at the time. Then, in a parking garage, someone apparently slammed into me causing thousands of damage. In both cases no notes, nothing.

    They must have been Cons.

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    Derek Pearce says:

    Check out if there’s any security cameras around where you parked, and see if they’d be willing to let you review the footage (if it was saved).

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    Andy says:

    Welcome to the new world, were people are more scared of their insurance company…

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