04.18.2014 09:44 AM

Most of the victims went to my Calgary high school

Bishop Carroll.

Just can’t stop thinking about this terrible thing. Know that street, know that neighbourhood, know the family names. The horror of it – it’s hard to shake.




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    Robin says:

    Matt Hanson, a foreign student from the United States of America, was enrolled at the University of Calgary from 2008 until graduation in 2012. During two of those years, he lived in the house at 11 Butler Crescent N.W., Calgary, in which this horrific tragedy occurred.

    After learning of the stabbing deaths of five students in Butler Mansion, Matt wrote the following blog. It is poignant personal insight into the Butler Mansion which is a renowned residential rental property among university students and a special place in the memories and hearts of past residents.


    It is such an incomprehensible tragedy, ones emotions are awash in cauldron of turbulence and the mind is boggled.

    Matt and his wife, a professional musician, now live in New York.

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    Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    Thanks for the above blog link Robin. It was a wonderful picture of life at Butler Mansion and of some of the past residents who have gone on to do great things.

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    e.a.f. says:

    wbat happened to these young people is truly very sad. we don’t know what prompted the young man to kill the others. we can only hope he receives the mental health treatment he requires.

    violence is always difficult to comprehend if you are not used to it or not exposed to it, to any great extent. we are most fortunate we live in Canada, where these incidents are few and far between.

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