04.08.2014 09:12 AM

Star story on all those municipal campaign videos, about which I know nothing


Which gives me an excellent pretext to again show you this!


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    Stephen M says:

    Those donations make it sound like he once believed in taking Toronto Ford-ward.

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    e.a.f. says:

    Can we say attack ad. Just because Chow is the better person and candidate doesn’t make this ad any better than those used by the harper cons on federal liberal leaders. the ad is effective, no doubt about it

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      Kelly says:

      Effective because it’s true.

      I’d drop the “not forward” though. Linguist George Lakoff notes that we ignore the word “not” in phrases like that. It should end with “he’ll take us backward”. Full stop.

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    the salamander hordes says:

    .. The Lesson today kids.. is this .. .. .. guerilla media rules …

    and perhaps Marshall McLuhan and/or Hunter S. Thompson are smiling..

    – If The Harper Government spent millions and millions and millions on shallow, greasy ads
    about a wondrous non existent Action Plan program.. and inflicted those ads with fake oil workers, fake families on Canadians watching hockey on TV, reading the news online or waiting in Service Canada offices .. so people would vote again for their Conservative MP who stands and claps like a seal in Question Period, no matter how inane, evasive or slimy the situation

    – And a 12 year old First Nations student spent absolutely nothing, but had curiosity, a bright imagination, crayons & paper, wicked sense of humor, a library or friend with basic computer and internet connection and fired a viral media missile that captured Canada’s spirit.. and informed the world
    that the Canadian Government is just fine with killing off the wild salmon.. and taking out Orca, eagle, bear.. while pimping instead for net pen Norwegian commercial salmon ..

    – Well .. who do you think had a valid message ? And who do you think delivered it effectively ?

    – The days of ‘Mainstream Media’ owning ‘The Message’ are gone baby gone ..
    the new managers of The Medium and the Message are essentially unfunded – unpredictable ..
    guerilla, highly motivated, capable & are clear about the difference about Right and Wrong

    Rob Ford is a viral laughingstock.. worldwide .. Why the surprise ?
    Premiers and Prime Ministers & Partisan Political Animals that are out of touch toxic sellouts ?
    Why they’re even better & fatter targets.. for guerilla media & messaging

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      Kelly says:

      Just remember you’ve got to win power though to really change things. Forget about culture jamming and memes and revolutions and all that. Those things just get turned into commerce and get co-opted. You need a simple coherent message, hard-hitting simple attacks on opponents that are based in truth and framed so as to leave your opponent no good way to counter plus a relentless drive and willingness to finish the job when your boot is on your opponent’s throat. Sad to say it but it’s the only way to get your message across in a meaningful way to enough people often enough these days. There is just so much clutter and bullshit out there.

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      david ray says:

      sal. can you link to the 12 year old Native’s ad. would like to see.

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    Philippe says:

    I live in Ottawa, but regardless, I am a Chow fan and hope she takes it. That said, this video has more thumbs down on YouTube than thumbs up… I’ve rarely seen that. I think Canadians are turned off by the nasty attack ad stuff.

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      Warren says:

      It’s Tory’s trolls. Gives his high-priced help something to do while he is at the Masters.

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