04.11.2014 08:09 AM

The only anti-Rob Ford video you should watch today

There’s another YouTube Rob Ford thing out this morning and I hate it: it evinces too much sympathy, or likeability, for Mayor Crackhead.  It misses the mark.

This video, meanwhile, naturally doesn’t.  You can see this band, considered Canada’s finest and most-wonderful geriatric punk combo, at the Tranzac Club next Wednesday, and at the Bovine at the end of the month.  Be there or be square, etc.



  1. John Werry says:

    Wow! Never did I think that I would love the punk music played by someone from the Toronto Sun. I love the Ramones too, You guys are great, I love that video and the casual way you perform. The “auto tune” video did oddly lend sympathy of sorts to the unmentionable man but was nonetheless funny. May come to your show if I’m lucky enough to get out.

  2. Rob says:

    Catchy tune – think it might get stuck in my head all day. Can’t make the shows, maybe you guys should go on a cross-canada tour.

  3. lol, just read a `funny-but-true` quote from a BBC article on Ford:

    “He got elected on what Bob Dylan called an idiot wind. In every culture you’re going to have an element of the idiot vote, and he’s the candidate of the idiot party.”

    Unfortunately he is the candidate of the winning-est party in history.

  4. Darren says:

    The funny thing about my look at your video was that there was an ad for Angus Reed that simply read “Will you vote for Harper in the next Election?”

    Aren’t Ford and Harper – these two characters brothers from another mother?

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