04.14.2014 06:56 AM

What the defeat of Rob Anders means

1. Calgarians have again shown the world – viz., Calgary Centre, Wildrose wipeout, etc. etc. – that they aren’t just moving to the centre. They are in the centre.

2. Jason Kenney will never be the leader of the Conservative Party.

You’re welcome.



  1. james Smith says:

    3. Rob Anders wil appear on a Ballot with with the WIld Rose Party soon.

    • Greg from Calgary says:

      Damn…beat me to the punch. Yeah, federally there aren’t any spots up for grabs in Calgary unless he wants to challenge an incumbent like say Kenny himself. He does have a lot of connections in the Wildrose having campaigned for them so they may scoop him up. Wildrose would be fools to do so though. He is a proven loser, not something you want on your ballot. Also, WRA is trying to shed their extremist image as demonstrated by Smith’s slapdown of Craig Chandler last week. But yeah, I think he’ll run for a nomination of WRA.

      As for Anders himself (and the entire Conservative Party for that matter) who claims to support the troops even though he calls them hacks when they challenge him I have this question. Rob, who do you get a bigger pension for your time in gov’t then some soldier who loses a limb in combat? In fact, that soldier may get no pension at all but a lump sum payout that is smaller than what you will receive.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      Doubt that very much. Wildrose is trying to go mainstream, and Anders is not. Anders is history. Also no patronage appointment at this time. The only way he will get anything is if Harper gets a majority in 2015.

    • Olmanhall says:

      All Danielle Smith is saying to these loose cannons is “Shhhhh! They’ll hear you!” They all still believe the same stupid shit and have the same dumb policies. They just don’t want anyone to know that until after they are elected.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      Danielle is MUCH smarter than that. She has already suggested that maybe this is the time for him to pursue an alternative career.

  2. Coelocanth_Jones says:

    I wonder who will be the next federal Tory leader. Jason Kenney has a well known propensity for rolling in the mud like he did with his Anders endorsement, I’ve heard Flaherty’s name bandied about for years but…yeah…that’s not going to happen now. Peter Mackay is another one which seems to pop up a lot, but I don’t know how easy he is to differentiate from Harper

    • Sezme says:

      Former Progressive Conservative Leader/Saviour/Traitor Peter Mackay? It’d be funny if David Orchard showed up to the debates.

      In any case what’s clear is that whether or not he knows it yet, Stephen Harper is finished.

  3. Sezme says:

    Knives are always best kept fully sharpened. But I can see the sparks from the grinding wheel from here. And if they don’t do the trick, October 2015 certainly will. My bet is on a walk in the snow between now and then, though.

  4. JJohnston says:

    Meanwhile, Innes is suing Justin for $1.5 Million …. for defamation…. lolol

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