04.09.2014 08:33 AM


Despite the sneaky efforts of a lunatic in Ottawa, my amazing lawyers, Brian Shiller and Angela Chaisson, won me another case yesterday.  The defendants learned, the hard way, not to rely on the urgings of lunatics.

Congrats and thanks to Brian and Angela.  They’re pit bulls.


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  1. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Congratulations. You are managing to clean up the cesspool of Canada’s mouthy weirdos one case at a time. And I must say it is very wise and astute of you to retain the services of a Chaisson / Chiasson on your legal team. Our clan of Acadian warriors who managed to survive the 1755 expulsion by the duplicitous Brits, is well equipped to fight evil “…wherever evil lurks in the hearts of men”.

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