05.01.2014 09:48 PM

“At heart, the real Rob Ford is a racist, sexist, homophobic pig.”

That’s from the Toronto Sun, people. THE SUN.

Penned by my Carleton J school friend, Michele Mandel. Here it is, for you to save and show your kids.




  1. Michael S says:

    Read the comments. Oh my god.

  2. patrick says:

    How is this a surprise to anyone?

    Rob is ignorant and stupid but strikes me as someone who desperately wants to be liked which is why he loves solving pothole issues and having his picture taken with gawkers The abuse he has suffered from being mayor, because he now has to answer for the nonsense he has spewed for 10 years on council, has shattered his mental well being and increased his drug and alcohol intake to compensate for his declining sense of self.

    Being mayor, and failing so spectacularly brought his demons to the front because he is a simple guy, not a nasty vile fraud like the crocodile tear spewing Doug who would have fronted his brother to his death and probably preferred it if he could have rode his martyred brother to provincial power.

    • Eric says:

      That assessment seems pretty accurate to me

    • sezme says:

      This is actually a better more insightful explanation of Ford and brother in two short paragraphs than I’ve read in long newspaper and magazine articles on the subject. Bravo.

  3. DJ says:

    Can’t believe that there are still conservative politicians tiptoeing around the Fords! Condemn him and his behaviour and call on him to resign! Have some principles. Hudak, for example, was a massive disappointment in responding to the latest Ford revelations. Clearly he’s not up to being a leader.

  4. Matt says:

    I read a transcript of the audio tape rant provided by the National Post.

    There was a woman (not identified) who was trying to get Ford to stop.

    Wonder if that was his wife?

    • debs says:

      no, his wife is not one of his drinking companions. She knows better then to be hanging out with him at bars.

  5. Richard Besserer says:

    His cheerleaders knew that. That’s why they loved him so much.

  6. monkey says:

    No real surprise here. The guy has a history of racism and homophobia. What shocks me is how well he does amongst visible minorities. And his excuse of being drunk doesn’t work. When drunk, your inhibitions are reduced so you say what you truly believe.

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