05.29.2014 06:45 AM

Byline: nobody likes the choices in Ont. election, and coalition talk



  1. Lance says:

    It would be interesting to see if he NDP form a minority government with Liberal help and the price for that support was the budget the Liberals last proposed. Or if the Liberals form a minority with NDP help and the Liberals roll out the same exact budget as last time and the NDP are either forced to swallow it and damn their principles or reject it and we go to the polls again.

    • GSW says:

      If Ontarians in their good judgment elect a majority or a minority NDP government and depending on Liberal support to govern, then Ontario’s credit rating will plummet instantaneously as the price of their suicidal voting decision. Taxation at all levels will have to increase to cover the cost of borrowing to finance all the NDP wild spending plans/promises.

      Electing a NDP government would be equivalent to reelecting Rob Ford…!

  2. TrueNorthist says:

    On the contrary, getting the coalition business out now was a clever move. Otherwise it would have been sprung when it had a real effect, about a week before the polls open. It’s all about the timing and the PCs were forced to use it too soon. I score it advantage OLP.

    • Bobby says:

      You obviously didn’t watch the scrum. Wynne tripped in to this. Goaded by a reporter. This was NOT planned. Nice try at spin though.

      I think Warren’s right. I do believe that both Hudak and Horwath could capitalize on this BIG TIME.

      Wynne called this election, yet she’s crapping all over voters and whatever their choice is gong to be.

      Bad, bad move.

      She’s done.

      • TrueNorthist says:

        I’m not spinning anything — regarding the Ont election anyway — so you can take it or leave it. But I kinda doubt Wynne wasn’t hoping someone would ask that question soon and was quite ready with that answer. Regardless of spin, it is very convenient for Wynne that the question was asked now instead of later. It very well may be simply yet another tough break for the OPCs, who can’t seem to catch a break these days, even when they are pitching.

        • Matt says:

          Ipsos – 72% want a change in government.

          Abacus – Over 50% want a change in government.

          And you think it was part of Wynne’s plan to tell voters if they vote in a Hudak minority she’d say screw you and try to form a coalition with the NDP to take power and remain Premier?

          • GSW says:

            Of course… and the NDP would be a willing accomplice too…. even if Wynne brought down an Austerity Budget that the NDP couldn’t normally support. It’s that or another snap election and the decimation of the NDP!

      • Al in Cranbrook says:

        I fail to see how Horwath gets through this one without taking on collateral damage. Clearly, this is about the NDP and Libs. Hell will freeze over before either join up with the PCs.

      • Matt says:

        Well, Wynne called it after Horwath said she’d join with the PC’s to bring the Liberals down.

        All Wynne did was speed up the election call by a week and save herself the visuals of actually being defeated by a vote in the legislature.

      • GSW says:

        But we know that Horwath will prop up another Wynne minority government thus whitewashing the OLP of it’s corruption and sins. Wynne only blurted out the truth about what she expects to happen anyway. So obvious now.

  3. GSW says:

    There has been a de facto Liberal-NDP coalition in Ontario and it will always remain so unless…..

    If Wynne wins another minority government Horwath will support the Liberal NDP-style Budget and that will be it. Horwath will just say it’s the will of the people and Ontarians don’t want another election on the same issues. The public service unions will be happy and Ontario will continue to stumble along into a shaky financial future.

    If Hudak wins more ridings than the opposition but not enough to form a majority government, Wynne will simply ignore it and continue to govern with her lesser minority and she will get the support of the Horwath NDP. Hudak must get a clear majority government or else the Liberal-NDP coalition will continue to rule Ontario.

    IOW… Wynne + Horwath > Hudak = Lib-Dip Coalition

    • sezme says:

      That’s not the way it works. If Hudak wins more ridings than the opposition, the Lt. – Gov. will ask his party for form a government. If he’s defeated on a budget or confidence motion, only then can a potential coalition form the government. Ask David Peterson or Bob Rae, but in any case, Wynne can’t simply ignore the result and continue governing without interruption as you state.

      • GSW says:

        No… if nobody wins a majority then Wynne can advise the LG that she intends to continue governing, assuming she has more seats than the NDP who are in third place. Wynne will table her NDP-friendly Budget again and together with NDP support she will continue governing… notwithstanding that Hudak has more seats than Wynne but not a majority.

        Now if Hudak wins a clear majority of ridings, Wynne will not attempt to continue governing knowing that Hudak’s majority will defeat the Budget anyway. Wynne will be forced to resign and the LG will invite the PCs to form a majority government.

        Where am I incorrect….?

        • sezme says:

          Can you point to a previous election in Canada where the party that didn’t have the most number of seats formed the government initially? I’m not sure it’s never happened, but I’ve never heard of one.

          I can only imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would ensue. Isnt it up to the LG to ask one party to form the government immediately following an election? I’m quite sure the Liberals couldn’t just “continue governing” without going to the LG first. The whole point of elections in a parliamentary democracy is to form a new government (though often led by the same party as prior to the election). And convention dictates that the party with the most seats (whether or not a majority) is given first crack. This is what happened in 1985 when the PCs in Ontario had the most seats though the Liberals had received more votes. PCs got first crack but were soon defeated on an NDP non-con motion.

  4. Matt says:

    Interesting tidbit just on Sun News.

    Apparently Wynne’s best buddies at Metrolinx use the same math for job creation numbers she’s mocking Hudak for.

    They claim their $50 billion “Big Move” plan will create 800,000 to 900,000 jobs.

    Turns out it too is person years, not jobs.

  5. Paul Brennan says:

    geez , credit rating of province will get clobbered with NDP/LIB coalition …that wont be good the debt/deficit

    • GSW says:

      Not if another minority Liberal government Wynne tables an Austerity Budget for Ontario and eliminates all the NDP goodies, thus daring Horwath to again vote no confidence and force another snap election which will decimate the NDP. This is assuming that both Hudak and Wynne only get minorities and Horwath still holds the balance of power in third place.

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