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Ford: get back to where you once belonged

Could this…

…be related to something like this?

Betcha it is.



  1. Patrice Boivin says:

    Given my wife’s been waiting for hernia surgery for 5 years now, I am guessing he is trying to go to rehab in the US because they actually provide healthcare services down there.

    I wonder what the waiting lists for rehab are like in Canada

    • sezme says:

      Likely no facility in Canada would promise that they could beat his addiction for him in 30 days. Maybe he should try Colombia?

    • Kaspar Juul says:

      5 years? My dad waited a max of 6 weeks for cornea and knee surgery. He’s in the Bruce in Ontario. Maybe it’s the people that you’re using more than the system. Out here in BC there’s some hospitals I’d rather arrive in a pine box than alive to.

      Still out “lack of medical services” won’t make you lose your house because you need help.

      • Matt says:

        Friends dad had hernia surgery here in Toronto within 3 months of being diagnosed. Had it done at Shouldice Hospital. Hernia’s are all this place does.

    • smelter rat says:

      5 years? I’m going to call bullshit on that one.

    • e.a.f. says:

      There are high end rehabs in B.C., that are a min. of 2 months, usually 3. One is on Vancouver Island. Its at least 20k and it comes with a yr follow up. The military like to send their officers there, lawyers, people with money. Does their program work, sure as hell does. It takes time and it takes people out of circulation. Visiting is restricted, so having Ford in a place such as that, works well. If we have one in B.C., there are others. They are not funded by the medical systems. They are private, no waiting lists, just pay the money up front and the gate is open.

      It would be nice if Ford could get clean, if for no one else’s shake but his own and perhaps his wife and kids. Doug will have to find a new career.

  2. Coelocanth_Jones says:

    crook enters U.S. to fuck around on late night TV, he is let right in

    crook enters U.S. as part of perhaps the first attempt in his life to fix his screwed up lifestyle, suddenly his presence seems contentious

    glad to see their priorities are in order

    • Matt says:


      What crime has he been convicted of?

      • Coelocanth_Jones says:

        This is getting pathetic Matt, why don’t you just flip back to your monster trucks, racist grafitti or whatever else ford nation did for fun pre-2010?

        To answer your question, though, some have suggested that his marijuana citation from 1999 could’ve been enough, and even if that’s a reach, Randy definitely had more than enough shit on him to keep him out

        • Matt says:


          Right out of the modern Progressives playbook. Someone challanges you and you resort to calling them a racist.

          So predictable. So pathetic.

          And what exactly does Randy have to do with this?

          • Coelocanth_Jones says:

            He was let into America with a criminal record , supposedly a difficult feat, and for some sad little publicity stunt rather than as part of any real attempt to help his brother. I called ford and his supporters racist because he, and a significant number of them, are. There are many non-racist conservatives, i am good friends with at least a couple, but the Torontonian right ran into the arms of a man who looks, speaks, and acts like he was plucked out of a Texas trailer park just before the nomination, frankly, i think they are responsible for explaining how racism, not to mention homophobia and sexism, are necessary in their stated goal to lower taxes and end the gravy train, two things Ford never accomplished despite being just about the entirety of his platform

  3. Matt says:

    ?All the media today at city hall are “demanding” to know where Ford is getting treatment.

    Why? So they can send reporters to set up shop on the facility’s door step?

    It’s clear they don’t give two shits about Ford, but for FFS people think of the other people there trying to get their shit together.

    They don’t need media poking around looking in the windows trying to get that money shot of Ford in rehab.

    • debs says:

      uhhmmm, Ford has lied so often not even his brother can believe him. We need pics of him in rehab, with date stamped papers, we need urine samples and we need confirmation from a reputable place. Thanks to the nature of an addict, lying goes with that territory. Ford just so happens to be a pathological liar along with his addiction issues, as shown by years of reports, public statements, on camara ridiculousness. Anyone taking him for his word now has to be completely tuned out of the media world or in complete denial about who he is. Sure he can have privacy, once he drops out of the race and resigns as mayor.

      • e.a.f. says:

        Everyone is entitled to some privacy, regardless of what they have done. It is a human right and Ford, regardless of his “issues” is entitled to his. Now if his actions impact on his job, then his employer, the citizen/voters of Toronto may have the right to some information, but his medical files, not so much. If Ford is in rehab, and people want to know, my vote is NO. The reason: Ford isn’t the only one in the facility. The other people have the right to privacy and a chance at recovery. Attacking Ford is good fun and lord knows at some level he deserves it, but when you treat him in this manner, then everyone and anyone is fair game and that doesn’t work in a civilized society. We are either all entitled to privacy or none of us are. Harper is listening in and the feds are acquiring information many of us object to. If you object to Harper’s action but think its o.k. to violate Ford’s privacy, then its just whose privacy is being protected, not the principal of privacy.

        If some council members want to waste time on “where is ford”, they need to find another job. There are more important issues in Toronto than wo signed what piece of metal. If these grandstanders think it will win them votes, they need to get better people running their campaigns. If these people are the ones supporting Chow, she would be well advised to distance herself from them. They in their own way are as bad as ford.

        • debs says:

          I dont think the media need to know where, but other city officials and he is employed by the taxpayers, so I disagree. If I work for a company or for the public sector and I made such a complete ass of myself I would be fired. I would at the very least if I pulled the rehab/due to addictions card, I would have to prove to my employers that im not on a party cruise somewhere. Why does ford get to pass this all under the guise of privacy. Unlike Harper who has stealthy internet spies to invade our privacy for no other reason then to satisfy his paranoia, Rob Ford chose to make a public idiot of himself and then he took the clown-show on the road to the states and went on the talk show circuit. I dont believe he gets to call for privacy now. but like I said, im not wanting the media camping out destroying any rehabbers their right to privacy and recovery. I want confirmation from the authorities that he is making use of his time in that capacity.

    • Patrick says:

      I agree that a media circus around a rehab facility would not benefit anyone but if Ford is on the public payroll and is still running for mayor should the people of Toronto not have proof that he is actually in rehab for his addictions?

  4. sezme says:

    I couldn’t give a flying duck whether he is in rehab or not. What difference could it possibly make?

    I could even live with a mayor who got high occasionally on his own time if he actually did his job and didn’t hang around with criminals, or make racist/sexist/homophobic/generally abusive comments or gestures. Also this hypothetical mayor would need to tell the truth more than just occasionally. But none of these changes will come about through rehab.

    All signs point to Rob Ford being singularly incapable of the kind of introspection necessary for these kinds of changes. But yes, by all means let me know when he starts going around making amends to all the people he’s hurt.

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