05.05.2014 02:10 PM

Hudak’s first ad

…first one I’ve seen, anyway.  It’s not bad at all.  Has a ‘Morning in America’ kind of feel to it.

The shiny forehead suggests to me that the footage was shot at a bona fide speech event.  Was it?



  1. Bobby says:

    If the PC campaign team can get Hudak to sound and look like that every day of this campaign he’s going to be hard to beat. However watching the clips from the whistle stops today on TV he sounds choppy and stiff. Wynne sounded on the defensive and Horwath more uncanned and unpolished which has a certain appeal.

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve looked over the PC website and nowhere does Hudak explain how he intends to create 1 million jobs. All he says he will lower taxes, energy costs, and have businesses come back to Ontario, but Timmy how, please tell us how!

    • Warren says:

      A million is a lot.

    • Mark says:

      But it does mean the other parties have to be very careful if they’re going to come back with “You can’t create 1mill jobs!” Voters may end up hearing and remembering NDP and or Libs as those who say you can’t make that many jobs.

    • Spencer says:

      I’m wondering if anyone will ask Hudak if he means creating 1 million jobs over 8 years or 1 million in addition to the existing number of jobs being created on average in Ontario.

  3. Andy says:

    It sounds like the jobs plan at the end of “Dave” the movie with Kevin Kline.

    But you don’t have to create 1 million jobs. Research has for every new service job there are 2 – 3 spin-off jobs created, and 3 – 9 spin-off jobs via manufacturing. Which is why the ripple effect is great from the loss of mfg. jobs. On average is about 3 spin-off for 1 created.

  4. Al in Cranbrook says:

    That reminds me of how Christy Clark came across during the last election here in BC. Positive and upbeat.

    Had rather remarkable results.

    Now, he just has to stay on message.

  5. Jonathan Giggs says:

    So much better than the Kathleen Wynne jogging and walking ads.

  6. sezme says:

    Scott Walker promised 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin (which has a population of a little less than ½ Ontario’s). After 3 of his 4 years in office, about 105,000 jobs have been created there, so he’s got 9 months left to give birth to 150,000 jobs.

    It did get him elected, though. Also, he tried to shut down the public sector unions which created an incredibly divisive atmosphere there and almost got him recalled.

    So anyway, a million! Sure, why not? Nobody can count that high anyway.

  7. Dan O says:

    I think it is a good ad for Hudak.
    Effectively puts him in a positive light.

  8. m5slib says:

    that’s a good ad. Contrast this with his real life appeal. Maybe they’ll hide him for enough of the campaign…

  9. Corey says:

    I still see the same problem Hudak had in 2011… he’s not someone people can relate to. There’s something disingenuous about the way he presents himself, an underlying discomfort that I think voters sense. In their gut they like Kathleen Wynne. They don’t like Tim Hudak. That could be the deciding factor when they head into the polling booth on June 12.

    • Matt says:

      He’s still got work to do for sure, but so far he’s miles ahead of where he was in 2011.

    • Bobby says:

      They like Horwath better than either Hudak or Wynne. Don’t forget that part of this equation. Hudak has turned a corner since last fall.

  10. graham watt says:

    Never had a best before time and he’s way past it.

  11. Mark Riggers says:

    Hudak thinks he’s Herb Brooks giving the pre-game “Miracle” hockey speech at the 80 Olympics!!…’Cept this time Blue will lose to the Big Red!

  12. Philippe says:

    I’m so tired of slogan bullshit- tell us WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO DO.

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