05.23.2014 08:31 AM

Labourers’ union smart approach: being proactive

This is interesting.  When the CBC and the Star were coming after LIUNA (mainly for the offence of Working While Italian), the union took a proactive approach – and contacted the police themselves. It’s referenced in the video below.

Reminds me of what Chretien did with sponsorship.  I suspect LIUNA will similarly benefit from being proactive, instead of reactive.  Companies/unions/NGOs with issues management challenges, take note.


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  1. Al Trescott says:

    Interesting. Has the tang of Atwater’s dirty tricks operation against Geraldine Ferraro – publicizing the fact that Ferraro’s parents had been indicted on numbers running in the 1940s – a/k/a guilt by association. The New York Post reported that her father had been arrested for possession of numbers slips in Newburgh shortly before his death, and inaccurately speculated that something mysterious had been covered up about that death. Ferraro’s mother had never told her about his arrest. The printing of the story led Ferraro to state that Post publisher Rupert Murdoch “does not have the worth to wipe the dirt under my mother’s shoes.” Does this mean the CBC and the Star have descended to the level of the News of the World?

    Enjoy your weekend.

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