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Warren Kinsella – and, additionally, all of the managers of Ontario Liberal campaigns in 2003, 2007 and 2011 – would like to emphasize they have no involvement in the 2014 Ontario Liberal campaign whatsoever. None of us. In any way.

This public service announcement was brought to you by people who are sad about, but not surprised by, what is happening. Thank you.



  1. Matt says:


    Things must be worse for the Liberals than Ipsos’ numbers show if you feel the need for this public announcement to ensure your reputation doesn’t get sunk with them.

    I wonder what their internal polling is saying.

    Still a long way to go and anything can change, but just a week in and the Libs already resorting to the “soldiers in our streets” style attacks against Hudak can’t be a good sign.

    The debates are going to be interesting to say the least.

  2. socks clinton says:

    Isn’t a PSA test used for detecting prostate cancer?

  3. Tony Miller says:

    I think the collars are getting tight down at NDP headquarters, where they must be asking themselves “WTF were we thinking??” And once again, the unions end up in a circular firing squad, unable to get out of their own conversation bubble…only to end up with Mike Harris 2.0

  4. e.a.f. says:

    in a manner of speaking this election is some what like a PSA test. You’ve got some foreign matter up your ass and it isn’t feeling all that good. You know in the end, (no pun intended) it is all for the better good of your health, but all the same, you wish you could have avoided the whole matter.

    Now as to them excluding those who were involved in previous elections, and the announcement by those, its a good thing, in the long run. At least their reputations won’t be negatively impacted, as in loosers, when the current crop of Liberals loose the election. The Kinsella team can be free and in the clear and most likely increase their rates the next time there is an election. Of course if the NDP isn’t doing so well, they might be advised to grab Team Kinsella to shore up their chances of winning. It would look very bad if the NDP lost or came in third.

    Having an election, after a new leader takes over a party is always a good idea, because it gives the voters a chance to decide whether that was such a good idea. It also gives political parties an idea of what the voters will let them get away with, and not so much.

    At least the announcement is funny.

  5. TimL says:

    They should borrow McCallion’s phrase from yesterday. “Vote Liberal: It’s all water under the bridge.”

  6. Ryan Spinney says:

    Wow, goodness forbid the Liberal take personal responsiblity for thier unpopularity. What exactly would waiting have achieved?

    As for Martin the NDP didn’t have enough votes to save him anyway, so I’m afraid you’ll have to find another excuse to blame Jack Layton instead of Paul Martin for governing horribly.

    • Chris Chmelyk says:

      Not only that…Harper’s term could have been limited to 2 years if Ignatieff hadn’t reneged on the coalition. 8 years of Harper and counting – and the responsibility lies square in Liberal quarters.

  7. Dean says:

    had to search hard to find the liberal candidate in my riding – no visibility or web presence – and the roads around the province this week where I have been traveling are either blue or orange signs. I think it’s more than just missing the boat re: message, I think their ground game is also disorganized.

  8. Jerry says:

    She was absolutely right to draw a circle around Walkerton, Harris and Hudak, these tea party fascists have a slash and burn agenda and it needs to be called for what it is. People need to understand that right to work means the rights of employers to hire people without mininum wages or anything else getting in the way of executive salaries just like American governors are now doing to their own people on behalf of their bosses.

    • Rick says:

      as soon as you use the word fascists, you lose all credibility – tea party is a big stretch as well, but fascist takes the cake. You may agree with a left wing view of government spending billions more than they bring in, and think they just need to tax the rich more. I don’t agree with that view, but I can respect it. But the extremism of trying to label the PCs as fascist makes you look idiotic, juvenile and uneducated.

    • Matt says:

      Have you actually read Justice O’Connor’s report from the Walkerton Judicial Inquiry?

      Google it.

      He cited the government twice: Once for not making reporting contamination to the Ministry of the environment mandatory after privatization in 1996, and again saying cutbacks at the MOE made it less likely they would have identified the need for continuos monitors at Well 5.

      He laid the majority of blame at the feet of the Walkerton Public Utilites Commission whom he cited 6 times in his findings.


  9. Lord Kitchener says:

    If they didn’t wipe their ass with the Drummond Report, OLP would have been able to save face a bit more.

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