06.19.2014 01:57 PM

Best/creepiest album covers ever

This is my fave:

More here.  Be forewarned: 12 and 16 are rather disturbing.


  1. debs says:

    was this a prequel or the sequel to

  2. VC says:

    #27 was actually the creepiest. Fun Fact: #27 settled on their current name because #2 was already taken.

  3. Ron says:

    The white boots say it all.

  4. domenico says:

    27 is damn disturbing.

  5. david ray says:

    I was a little concerned bout your possible state of mind there W but if you can plow through these covers and not park on a railroad crossing you’re ok. Oh, almost forgot… did you run across any Smenge brothers in that pile.

  6. Student501 says:

    I am utterly inconsolable that “Polka A GoGo” with Lil Wally didn’t make the list.

    Doesn’t anyone remember their “big hit” “Don’t Worry, Don’t Hurry” ?????

    It should have made the list, see for yourself : http://fleamarket.benzplace.com/lps/LP_polka.JPG

  7. Brendan Kane says:

    #4 is a fake

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