06.22.2014 09:23 PM

Big change

It’s been delayed, but it’s still in the works. Guess away!



  1. TrueNorthist says:

    I am really hoping you landed a show of your own. Sun News really, really needs to dilute the culture that has set in since they got past the CRTC. They will not last long as the Rob Ford Network.

  2. Winston Higgs says:

    Justin Bieber’s new life coach? Tell him to be more like Pat Boone.

  3. lorne says:

    Website rebuild?

  4. Kelly Onyskevitch says:

    Having just watched season two of mad men…I’m guessing that Daisy Group Consulting is merging with Hill & Knowlton. Either that or you are getting a chip and dip.

  5. debs says:

    its about time you moved to the west coast, yer gonna hate the politics here.

  6. smelter rat says:

    All evidence to the contrary, i believe you’e joining the priesthood.

  7. cynical says:

    You’ve given up punk for folk. Or a judgeship.
    Best wishes from the west coast.

  8. Reality.Bites says:

    Three words: Senator Warren Kinsella.

    P.S. Pat Boone is a right-wing whack-job who isn’t an example to aspire to. Viciously bigoted loon.

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