06.09.2014 11:35 AM

Here are some of the people I endorse in this Ontario election thing

• Jamie Ellerton (PC) and Nancy Leblanc (Liberal) in Parkdale High Park.
• John Fraser (Liberal) in Ottawa South.
• Jonah Schein (NDP) in Davenport.
• Arthur Potts (Liberal) in Beaches-East York.

Might be more to come. But the above folks are all good eggs. Wish Nancy and Jamie weren’t in the same riding, though.



  1. Coelocanth_Jones says:

    May I enquire, Warren, as to why you’ve gone anybody but Di Novo for Parkdale-High Park?

  2. Trevor says:

    Got anything for Nepean-Carleton? I sent out emails with a few questions to all 5 candidates, and only Gordon Kubanek of the Green Party has responded to me.

    • Lala says:

      Anyone but Lisa MacLeod.

      Had the Liberal candidate in Napean-Carleton not posted sexist and offensive comments on Facebook, I’d say him. But he did, so I can’t.

  3. Rotten Ronnie says:

    As a resident of Ottawa South, why should I give my vote to Mcguinty’s fartcatcher? Either he stands behind what his boss did – in which case that is a vote for a ruinous energy policy, ridiculous wasting of my money such as buying off voters by canceling gas plants, the ehealth scandal, the air ambulance fiasco – a billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money – and a deputy minister who is (allegedly) an avid consumer of child porn. And if he disagreed with all of this, where is he on record opposing his boss? Or at least condemning these scandals once it was him in the mpp seat.
    Nope definitely won’t be voting for him…plus he has a black lab that is a vicious mutt. Although i hear Matt Young is more into cats, so….

    • david ray says:

      rant on
      not to mention he had no problem with the ridiculous “do not approach the fence” law? during the G20. he never stood up for the province when the fucking stormtrooper cops preemptively arrested those kids in dorms days BEFORE the G20. Surveillance much. I’ve had it up to here with the deification of police. One minute you’re a schlub stealing hubcats in Timmins then you go to cop school for a few months, put on a uniform and suddenly you’re an officer. What about Sammy Yatim and all the other innocent victims shot full of holes by assholes who are almost always found innocent. I don’t see Harper going to their funerals. The stench of hypocricy in the air is so rancid at the moment that is humiliates those who care to the core.

      the bullies work banker’s hours
      while the bankers rob you blind
      the cops are paid to beat you
      and the politicians they don’t mind.

      ok. feel a little better now.

      I have looked everywhere
      can’t find many who really care
      to stop the pain
      and really change
      that’s what I see in the world where I was born

      rant off

  4. Jan Schotte says:

    I’m an occasional PC party supporter, but Hudak’s PCs have the worst platform of the four leading parties on the topic of Toronto transit, my main issue (both at the provincial and municipal level). I listened to The Grid’s Edward Keenan’s interview with Jamie Ellerton (starting at 12:10) on his podcast, and I wasn’t impressed. He talked about uploading responsibility for subways to the province, a particularly silly idea (15:30). And he wants to extend the Sheppard subway to Scarborough Town Centre, which no one else thinks is a good idea.

  5. Greg Vezina says:

    What about the Leader of the None of the Above Party of Ontario running in Mississauga-Erindale? Where is my endorsement Warren?

  6. Greg Vezina says:

    Greg Vezina is leader of the “None of the Above” party, who are running candidates in several ridings in the upcoming Ontario provincial election. If you’re dissatisfied with the other choices in the upcoming provincial election, you’ll want to hear what Greg has to offer in this tremendous interview. Recorded live with Hugh Reilly and Medea Chechik on Liquid Lunch at ThatChannel.com (2014-05m-22)


  7. Marc-André Chiasson says:

    This is in reply to Coelocanth-Jones’ comment above. I can’t do it in context because there is no “Reply” button. I surmise that may be because Warren thinks enough has been said on the matter. Nevertheless, I just want to end by saying that I agree that these brave men should not be exhumed as part of a blanket pardon for past police abuses. However, by the same token, I don’t accept that all brave and hard working police officers in Canada should be tarred with the same brush and dragged around as part of a generic condemnation regarding police abuses, as some seemed to be doing. All I know is that it was damn comforting to have these officers out there protecting us when that armed individual was roaming around behind our homes in the dark.

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