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Is this a hoax?

Just got this over the transom. This guy is an Ontario Liberal candidate? Is this legit?




  1. Lord Kitchener says:

    Someone is going to get a call from the centre. Doesn’t OLP have an intern or something to deep dive guy’s twitter feed during the vetting process?

    • jeff316 says:

      Skinner’s in a no hope riding. The Liberals were desperate to get a young “farmer” and a non-Stratford based candidate Or any candidate really. After Wilkinson lost in the last election, no one else wanted to run in Perth-Wellington because it’s a lost cause.

  2. Emil E says:

    If Quebec did go independent that would partition the rest of Canada. The Maritimes would be isolated from Western Canada (everything west of the Ottawa River) and NL would probably become independent to since they are economically viable with offshore oil revenues (and Quebec might try to annex Labrador but NL would immediately conclude a treaty with old friend Britain to maintain their territories). The West could attempt to maintain the remains of Canada but that would be problematic and there would be no reason to continue subsidizing the existence of the Maritimes.

    The Maritimes would quickly beetle down to Washington DC to negotiate Union with the USA, provided they maintained the equivalence of lost equalization payments for say 99 years… which the yanks would do in a second with their fake paper money. Would the West really want Ontario, and economic dead weight, dragging down the resource rich Prairie provinces and BC? I think not. Ontario would also beg the Americans to take them in and to resuscitate their rusting manufacturing base and they would do it on the cheap too.

    But just think about it… if Quebec fled the Canadian confederation that means the entire confederation is null and void, and each province is on it’s own! Ottawa would be neutered and powerless!

    The Americans would have a valid reason to annex English Canada to “stabilize the North American continental economic structure”… without French Quebec who would be hated for generations for destroying beautiful Canada. Of course, Quebec would instantly become a “bilingual” country welcoming English and French alike.

    • Coelocanth_Jones says:

      I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but one point I like to raise in respect to Quebec Sovreigntism is that everybody seems to assume that Quebec would exit Canada in the precise shape of the current province. All of the northern areas under native administration have long indicated that they have a preference for canada, or at the very least see us as the lesser of two evils. As well, staunchly federalist municipalities between the Hochalega Archipelago and Ontario Border have indicated a desire to try to form their own province in the event of separation.

      Fat chance, imoho, of seeing an independent Quebec being bilingual, certain governments have already spent decades attempting to undermine whatever non-francophone presence exists within the province. I could even see a flow of francophones back into Canada due to religious and ethnic persecution

    • e.a.f. says:

      most of the scenario is doable. However, I don’t see the Maritimes joining the U.S.A. They have enough to become their own country. The Martimes would have no interest in becoming what some of those southern states are and its not pretty.

      Some in quebec would like to separate, but then you have to deal with all the First Nations lands. They have indicated they are staying with “the Queen/Canada”. Its who they singed the treaties with and as bad as they are and as violated as they have been, its still better than what would happen under a Quebec nation.

      The West: who knows. The Praires might make a go of it and a couple of northern American states might want to join.

      B.C. has little in common with the Praires, but does with Washington, Oregon and northern California.

      Of course the real question is, would the Koch brothers and their ilk let it all happen. Most likely not, so you could expect to see the military out and about. Of course, the military might just decide they weren’t part of any of it and go sit on their bases until it was over.

      Of course it would get rid of harpie and his herd and they can have Ottawa.

  3. grim says:

    Did Warren disclose an interest in this election of working on behalf of a non-liberal party? I don’t recall if there was such an announcement, but it seems to fit based on the proportion of stories about the ON election that are critical of the OLP. Strange to see, and I disagree with it, considering what a normal, good person Kathleen Wynne seems to be and how weak the alternatives.
    I think it’s fine to be critical of your party, even essential, but there are different ways to do it, and some are needlessly harmful.

    • jim says:

      … which begs the question: Can the LPC and OLP survive if both their leaders are soundly rejected by the electorate? It seems to me they are flying on a hope and a prayer… and the Liberal remnants are desperately clinging to what is heading towards a final Liberal apocalypse/armageddon/extinction. How can sensible Liberals rally around the lil’ tattered red tent and delude about power and happy days again?

  4. Bill Templeman says:

    Warren, unless buddy signs a letter to the editor with a real name, address and phone number, no newspaper will print buddy’s letter, right? So why let these anonymous keyboard commandos spread their bullshit here while they hide behind fake IDs? just askin’ … It’s your party, so you get to dance with whomever you like, but…..

  5. !o! says:

    Stewart Skinner’s twitter account only goes back to Sept 16th. Jim Denys only goes back to Mar 21, 2013.

    It’s highly suspicious that a screenshot, purportedly from 2011, would feature the current screen avatars of both individuals. On top of that, if the screenshot is recent, it’s even more unlikely that both Stewart and Jim would delete ALL of their ancient twitter history.

    It’s extremely likely that it’s fake.

    • Warren says:

      Sorry but I don’t understand

      • !o! says:

        Sorry, my bad, I think twitter wasn’t loading complete account history when I checked it. Since I only had incomplete information on the two accounts, it appeared as though Skinner’s account had no tweets at all in the date range this tweet supposedly came from, likewise with Jim Denys’. This led me to believe the screengrab was faked since it would be extremely unlikely for both individuals to, uncoordinated, sanitize their accounts in a similar manner in such a short time frame.

        Turns out twitter just didn’t load their history when I checked, my bad.

        It is in fact, horrifyingly not fake. https://twitter.com/modernfarmer/status/248468942471970818

  6. grim says:

    Hm, well that was an interesting discourse. Not the intended outcome though.
    First off, I’m not going to get into this A*hole, Coward kind of name calling. I don’t think its a good trait for anyone to unload so easily, but I’ll accept that I may have unintentionally wrankled you Warren, and maybe there are some environmental factors at play including past trolling by commenters.
    Here was my goal: ask a legitimate question based on precedent and observation, and put forward a personal opinion.
    For the first part, I’m sorry (but kind of glad – more on that in a sec) if the question of whether you could be working for the CPC or NDP upset you so much. To longtime readers here, you’ve said nice things about people in both parties that you seem professionally close with, and honestly, as a business I have no idea who your company serves, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for trading on their skills and earning an honest living from whoever wanted to be a customer. Add to that the fact of your Olivia Chow work, and it’s not a stretch in my mind.
    I get a little lost in your ‘I don’t work for them’ response, I’m not sure who you mean. I can say that I don’t work for any of the parties, or in any field remotely close to politics. Just an interested reader, voter, and liberal.
    Another long term observation seems to be that you have a strong aversion to some past liberal campaigns you weren’t part of, and it seems to me that if such a campaign was ongoing, you might be just as happy for it to fail. The reason I’m glad your response was so angry, was that it suggests to me and my liberal sympathies that you are still very much a liberal yourself and offended at the suggestion you might not be.
    I do very much feel that there are some ways in which shining a light on a problem in a liberal campaign mid-campaign could be friendly fire if shone from a liberal, but maybe you have other reasons in pointing these things out – education?
    I’ll make a last comment directed at Bill Templeman. Bill, who even knows if that’s your real name, it adds zero value for anyone to pick a real or assumed name here, unless you plan on sharing your address, phone number, and social insurance number too so we can check you’re legit. My suggestion is, hanging around trying to suck up to Warren doesn’t suit you or anyone else around here who has made that their hobby (there are plenty of you). If you have something interesting to say, I’d love to hear it. Here’s a viewpoint: keeping an anonymous title while making fair and reasonable comment is perfectly legitimate, constructive, and non-cowardly. Therefore, Warren is wrong. Anonymous hate-bashing is cowardly. Discuss.

    • Kaspar Juul says:

      Thinking “Discuss” is anything but a pretentious way to start a conversation, anonymous or identifying is really irritating.

      • grim says:

        Well, if that’s the magnitude of issue that is spoiling your day, and compelling you to comment on a webpage, then congrats, because you are living a pretty sweet life.
        I’m not a big fan of people starting sentences with ‘Thinking’… while we’re on the subject.

  7. Marc L says:

    Don’t any of the “let them leave” clowns realize that we do not want to leave? Separatists are a MINORITY in the province, and a shrinking one at that. Don’t they realize that the separatist party was just thrown out of office after only 18 months in power, and one of the key reasons is because they would not commit to not holding a referendum on independence?

  8. Sasha says:

    Probably against my better judgement, I feel the need to comment. Not because of separatism or separatists (full disclosure, I’m a card carry Liberal who detests separatism and that whole notion), but because I thought it would be helpful to just throw some context into the mix for consideration.

    Skinner is a hog farmer. The hog industry has be suffering for many years now – yes, sure in part because of “swine flu” and following sow cull etc. But is also because of a program in Quebec called Farm Income Stabilization Insurance (ASRA), which pays to the farm businesses a compensation when the average selling price is lower than the stabilized income. It essentially guarantees a net income for Quebec’s farmers.

    Ontario has forms of insurance to supplement the Federal programs, but they are different, and they don’t guarantee net income. With Ontario’s biggest competitors in the hog industry being Quebec (Manitoba also has a substantial Hog market but it’s different still), this is the only reason, why, I can think that Skinner would say something like this.

    Personally, I don’t agree with what he said. If he’s frustrated, like many are, I don’t think separatism is the answer, nor do I think a candidate should be saying such things. But it’s not for me to judge. That’s for the people of Perth-Wellington.

    • Patrick says:

      If that is his justification then he should take it up with Queen’s Park. It is the provinces who negotiate those programs with the federal government based on their needs and priorities. If he does not feel the programs in Ontario go far enough he should be lobbying the Ontario government to come up with something different/better.

  9. e.a.f. says:

    Marc L does have a point. Perhaps the correct one, times have changed.

  10. Craig says:

    I’m a fucking idiot.

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