06.05.2014 07:49 AM

John Tory: do as I say, not as I do

Having just completed “a whiplash-inducing flip-flop on his transit “Number One Priority,” John Tory has something new to be a hypocrite about: ethics.

Discussing Rob Ford’s regular violation of conflict of interest rules, here’s what John said last night at the mayoralty candidate’s debate at Humber College in Etobicoke:

“[The] mixing up of private and public business — you can’t do it,” said John.


Would this be John Tory who still sits on the Rogers board, earning $10,000 a meeting?

The same John Tory who just this year has been a registered lobbyist for Rogers?

The same John Tory who remains a Rogers boss, despite the fact that Rogers does tons of business with the City of Toronto?

The same John Tory whose Rogers employs up to a dozen lobbyists to pressure City officials?

Yep. Same John Tory.

This sums him up, I’d say:


  1. Justin Tetreault says:

    I didn’t realize John Tory was already Mayor.

  2. Matt says:

    Doesn’t Tory’s transit plan rely somewhat on private money?

    It’s not a traditional public/private partnership and a private company wouldn’t be running it, but did he not say a good chunk of the funds to pay for it would come from development fees from companies building residential or commercial properties along the route.

    Wouldn’t that be a kinda, sorta public/private partnership?

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