06.18.2014 08:34 AM

Kathleen Wynne: “I question the judgment of Mr. Tory”


“I am willing to debate John Tory any time, anywhere, and twice on Sundays,” said Wynne. “I’m disappointed he has chosen to hide instead of tackling the issues that matter to voters.”

Just poking around on the Internet this morning, and found this release. May mean little in the current context, but it’s sure interesting.



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    TrueNorthist says:

    I see Tory’s backroom boys haven’t learned. They are right back to the failed Hudak tactic of yelping “Scandal!” with little if any concrete evidence in a desperate attempt to gain traction. The Ontario election clearly showed that such antics can cause huge blow-back if the circumstances are vague. Here is the killer quote from Warnica in the NP yesterday: “The commons committee that ordered the repayment investigated NDP mailings sent to 26 ridings by 24 MPs. Neither Ms. Chow nor her former riding of Trinity-Spadina appear on the committee’s list.”

    Hardly a whiff of smoke there, let alone a smoking gun.

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    Joe says:

    Is Wynne now running for mayor too?

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