06.26.2014 10:07 AM

Me on Byline: “Full credit to Kathleen Wynne. She did a gangbusters campaign.”


  1. Jonathan Giggs says:

    Did she really run such a good campaign? I remember the commercials, Walkerton, the debate and other things when no one was really paying attention.

    Hudak seemed to be doing fine as you noted, until he had some math problems with that Million Jobs plan and decided to “fire” 100,000 public servants (perhaps instead of a hiring freeze). Voters became very aware. PC vote collapsed, Horwath never seemed ready for the election she caused, and Wynne was the beneficiary despite herself.

  2. Philippe says:

    We all agreed her commercials we shitty though. Goes to show we who fancy ourselves political junkies don’t know shit- finals results are a constant surprise.

    • Warren says:

      If CBC is right, today, nobody was watching TV anyway – the ads or the debate. Explains some things.

      • sezme says:

        Could be. I watched the debate, but don’t know anyone else who did. And I didn’t see a single election-related TV commercial, apart from on this blog website.

        In general, I think it was more a case of Hudak (and to a lesser extent Horwath) blowing it than Wynne blowing them away. But she certainly ran a competent, disciplined campaign.

  3. Al says:

    “fishing where there’s fish” LMAO

  4. MississaugaPeter says:

    Bob did a great job.

    If Trudeau had any smarts he would pick him up in a heartbeat. But I think Bob may exceed the allowable age.

  5. Cynthia Harbour says:

    I’m not an expert and can just speak to how I felt during the campaign. The pile on by Horvath and Hudak during the debate re: the gas plants really bothered me….kind of like pirhana going after a fish. I was undecided – the choice was between NDP and Lib. NDP got stricken from my must vote for list. Also, there’s something kind of self-righteous about Horvath…. and I didn’t get any sense of her team. Hudak was completely out of the question. I have no fond memories of the Harris years. Every August I find myself thinking about poor Kimberly Rogers, pregnant and dying alone in that god forsaken hot box sleazy little apartment in Sudbury with not enough food, no help and having to fight Baird and his ilk just to get her OHIP re-instated. As a citizen of Ontario I felt dirty….as though I had blood on my hands. Nope, never again.

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