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Rob Ford is back, and he’s lying already – about his fiscal record


16 Responses to “Rob Ford is back, and he’s lying already – about his fiscal record”

  1. sezme says:

    Can’t see the video! I assume it’s about Rob Ford lying. Slow news day, then.

  2. patrick says:

    Record! He’s LOST WEIGHT. HEADLINE – “NEEDED A NEW BELT”. A FREEKING NEW BELT. As his mom said this was his main problem. HANDLED. So this is a new Ford that’s the same as the old Ford but a better slimmer version of that old Ford who is going to do all the same stuff only different this time but the same with a new belt. And you go on about his record. Answer: A BILLION. Hater.

  3. que sera sera says:

    Apparently Ford the liar went to rehab for abusing substances other than the truth.

    If there was rehab for liars I suspect Canadians would want all politicians to attend.

  4. lorne says:

    He may be lying, but his supporters want to believe those lies….. just like Justin’s supporters believe his lies. Both their authenticity depends on besotted supporters who see no wrong in their beloved leaders. Such scammery is the basis of tribal politics.

  5. Matt says:

    Hey, Kathleen Wynne just won a majority telling Ontarians lies about what a Hudak led government would do.

  6. e.a.f. says:

    well what did you expect. It was rehab not a cloning with a new brain or anything like that. Same old boy, with the same old problems. He might not be drinking and/or drugging, but not much changes. Warren didn’t your parents ever tell you, leopard not changing its spots…

    He went to rehab, for his substance abuse issues, that’s all.

  7. Ian Howard says:

    Why do you care?

    You need him to stay in and be somewhat credible .

  8. John Daly says:

    Warren, truly I know almost nothing about the current machinations of partisan politics. At any level. But I know a bunch about addiction and now a little something about recovery. I encourage you and your readers and commenters to take the high road (no not THAT high road) on Rob Ford. This man is not fit to serve and, ironically, the most persuasive evidence of that is that he thinks he IS. No one with any credibility in the field of addictions healing would council him, not for one second, to do ANYTHING other than focus full-time on getting well and attending to the damage he’s done to his family and himself. That he is considered a serious candidate for mayor shows that we are, sadly, not done with the “show” that is Rob Ford. The odds of his remaining clean and sober? Virtually nil if he keeps misplacing his priorities.

  9. Anyong says:

    Why do you keep promoting Rob Ford? Everyone across this country recognizes he is a negative figure upon himself and the city of Toronto. Give the country a break from repeatedly hearing about him.

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