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    MississaugaPeter says:

    Led to Economic Freedom, probably the most capitalistic country in the world …

    No Political Freedom.

    The lure of the Almighty U.S. Dollar made the Chinese forego other freedoms.

    Incredible how the premise of Communism – everyone is equal and wealth must be distributed – is nowhere to be found in most industrialized China. Trying to give a beggar some money, looked down upon and told you are encouraging begging. Empathy for others is almost non-existent. Family bonds very strong. Focus on education nowhere as strong in the world. Extremely hard working people. No guns in civilian population.

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    Coelocanth_Jones says:

    However powerful the state organs of the PRC, however brutal its army, they cannot kill the truth

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    Ian Howard says:


    On the night of June 4, there were almost a million unarmed “violent criminals“ trying to stop the army. At first, tanks and armored vehicles broke through the barriers. And then they opened fire, and everybody was screaming. Every shot drew blood; people were mowed down like weeds. One “violent criminal” who was jailed for nearly twenty years told me:

    People in the West only know Tank Man because he stood all alone on a big road and stopped the tanks. It was a long column, spouting smoke, like so many farting bugs! Left and right they tried to detour around him, but he stopped them again. You are made of steel, I am flesh and blood, come on down, shithead! This scene has entered history, because there happened to be foreign reporters shooting it. I heard even old President Bush in America cried when he saw the footage. That night, there were countless people like the tank man, Wang Weilin, but there is no footage of them.

    Tank Man was not one of the student leaders, he was no intellectual, nobody had ever heard of him. He left behind this short scene, an indelible historical icon, and then some people led him away by the arm. No one knows what became of him. More than 100,000 Chinese people went into exile after June 4. “Operation Yellowbird” in Hong Kong went on for years, helping people escape. But none of their lists included Wang Weilin. Even the people in my book who were given heavy prison sentences—none of them ever heard about Tank Man in their jails and prison camps.

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