06.19.2014 01:48 PM

Wynne: “There’s no new money”

Because, well, there isn’t. And Wynne’s smart to say so, early on in the new mandate. She has no choice, in fact.

Some people (eg. Smokey Thomas) are professing shock about this, but they shouldn’t be. It’s the reality. As I wrote last week, tough decision-making is part of the job. That’s what she’s doing, looks like.



  1. SD says:

    The teachers of Ontario had a 1 1/2 percent salary decline over the past two years. Except for a 2% ETFO increase this August 31, the teachers will continue to have a 1 1/2 percent salary decline for another 2 or 3 years.

    • Michael says:

      Tell that to all of the people who lost jobs in the auto industry & manufacturing. Bet they’d love to have a 1.5% decline in their pay.

      • Bobby says:

        You mean continuing to lose jobs in the auto and manufacturing sectors Michael because the bleed is still happening.
        Sorry SD when the folks from the private sector have had ZERO increases, benefits and pensions scaled back and vacations cancelled, there is no sympathy for what we know is ramping up to be yet another fight from the teacher unions.

        • SD says:

          The median income did go up 2.9% last year in Ontario.

          • Simon says:

            Tax everyone that makes between 40 and 90 g’s a year, an extra 2.9%…pay down the debt with that…then everyone is contributing and everyone is forzen (not just teachers). But hey, isn’t it much more fun for the final vestiges of the old neo-con farts having one more kick at public employees before they disapear into irrelevance along with Hudak…

      • doconnor says:

        Most of those lost jobs was due to the runup in the Canadian dollar due to Dutch Disease. That added 20% to the cost of our exports. Variations in corporate tax or hydro rates are insignificant compared to that.

  2. Bobby says:

    Ah yes, if it’s not Fun With Numbers it’s Guess What I REALLY Mean?
    It’s the term “new” as in “new” money that’s the giveaway for me. In regular speak that usually means taking money AWAY from somewhere else and hoping that no one notices how creative the definition can become.
    The other possibility is for Wynne to download more costs on to municipalities – which is what Hurricane Hazel wants – let’s see if Hazel gets rewarded for her support.

  3. Joe says:

    I thought Hudak lost the election.

  4. donna says:

    Morontarians stopped Hudak but they fell into Wynne’s cesspool cesspit. Keep treading sh!t, Morontario losers — you deserve it!

  5. sezme says:

    I still take comfort: if Hudak had won, he would shortly have uttered that old chestnut, “Yikes! The finances are worse than we thought!” followed by a doubling of the 100,000 layoffs.

  6. Matt says:

    No NEW money.

    She’ll pilage and plunder other departments to ensure her union masters remain happy.

  7. Bill Templeman says:

    There is an upside to all of this cutting. Perhaps Wynne and her sharp pencils will finally pay a visit to a ministry that has received a free ride in the game of Cutback Survivor: The Ministry of Education. The Min of Ed continues to respond to low enrollment across the province by closing neighbourhood schools and busing kids to large big-box schools that don’t save money. Details here: http://ontarioschoolconsolidation.blogspot.ca/ Ontario’s student population is falling but the Min of Ed’s spending continues to spiral upwards. Time for a correction.

  8. Justin says:

    Oh shut it. You call us morons for exercising our democratic franchise. Go back and crawl under that rock you live under, you sanctimonious twat.

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