07.20.2014 10:36 PM

Dear John: not bad

Nearly 13,000 words in less than a month, Daughter was in opening ceremonies at North American Indigenous Games, sons again tore up the links in a golf tournament – and heading to Sask with Lala early Wednesday. It rained, but whatever.

Not bad.


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    que sera sera says:

    Only 13,000 words in a month, Warren??!??!

    Pretty paltry compared to some of the more verbose right wing fanatics commenting on this website who seem to post more than that in a day!! 😉

    Keep pounding away – waiting patiently for your next book.

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    Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    I am told from a few highly unreliable and thoroughly disreputable friends that many of the “Johnisms” known to be expressed by a little known backstreet professor and self confessed heavy drinker are completely useless drivel. With the aforementioned caveat, I provide for your consideration here today, Johnism number 146:

    “Always order your eggs Sunny side up.”

    You never know when the sun will come out, but when it does, eggs taste so much better.

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