07.23.2014 09:58 AM

Saskatchewan: not too hilly, from this vantage point




  1. james Smith says:

    My wife’s granddad who moved to Alberta before it was a province used to say:
    “The only trees in Saskatchewan were surveyor’s stakes that sprouted!”

  2. Pipes says:

    When I was in University, I travelled to the University of Victoria and back on a bus and drank my way across the flatlands. It was the only way to survive.
    Anyway at 500 miles an hour you are only subjected to it for a very short time. Probably a 3 beer flight.

  3. Iris Mclean says:

    I love the prairies and miss them a lot. Best part of the drive across Canada is between Winnipeg and Calgary.

  4. domenico says:

    One of my favorite Simpson’s quotes:

    “we have enough drugs to make Regina look like Saskatoon”

  5. davie says:

    You have to read some of Paul Hiebert’s writing: Sarah Binks, Sweet Songstress of Saskatchewan.

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