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We get letters: a friend of Israel writes

From astreeter@primus.ca

8:18 AM

Are you blind as well as dumb, Kinsella? 66 years of oppression….demolitions, butchery and incarcerations; continuing settlements on stolen land. Read some history, you fucking idiot!

Pete Kirby


  1. domenico says:

    It is that sort of succinct analysis and insight, so eloquently expressed, that surely no rational person could take issue with. I for one commend Pete Kirby. He has in one fell swoop both raised the level of public discourse and paved the way to peace in the Mideast!

  2. socks clinton says:

    Since day one all their neighbors wanted to invade their territory and literally march them into the sea. And considering what happened to their people the preceding decade they’re not going to be pushovers again.

  3. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    I need to read more of HIStory (wasn’t that a Michael Jackson album?), sounds like a fascinating bore.

    Sitting in my backyard in Ottawa this morning. Oddly not a single rocket has been fired from across the river in Gatineau since, well, since NEVER. In fact I think I’ll head over there this afternoon to say hi to my old friend, Yvette. Amazing how not firing rockets into people’s backyards makes for good neighbours.

  4. davie says:

    Palestine and Israel make more sense to me when I look at it as a latter day European colony set down in Palestine. Most of the European population there has its roots in Eastern Europe. The Ottomans okayed European immigration to help offset local nationalist, as did the Brits. The locals rebelled 36 to 39 and the Brits pretty well dismantled the Arab organizations and rendered them vulnerable to what happened in the late 1940’s. Since then the European regime has served the purposes of West European and North American geopolitical interests in the area, hence the continued support for the European regime even as it breaks assorted rules of war, international law, UNO resolutions and legal decisions as it extinguishes the indigenes as a people with a place on this planet.

    Like socks Clinton, above, I once bought the propaganda about a gallant little beacon of light and freedom in a sea of three trillion sub humans thirsting to put people into concentration camps and wiping out their existential beings. But time and evidence have changed my attitude and thinking. I am with Tutu and others who see one regime, Mediterranean to the Jordan, practicing apartheid; and I see support for Israel as white people helping white people. I have a rough idea of who is claiming to be in danger of being wiped out, and who is actually being wiped out.
    If and when that area changes to have one state with equal citizenship for all, we will see (maybe I won’t…I am getting old…)many Israelis with European roots trying to move to North America. Then, friends, will find out who, in Canada and USA, is prejudiced.

    As for Canada, and calling anyone terrorist:
    Hamas decided to emphasize its social service/political side, and called a truce with Israel. During the almost year and a half of that truce, some Hamas member kidnapped an Israeli citizen to trade him for kidnaped Palestinians. The Hamas guys ended up murdering that Israeli citizen.
    Also during that year and half, the Israeli military killed over 300 Palestinians.
    IN the legislative elections, an election called fair by international observers, Hamas won a plurality, and the right to choose several government positions for its members.
    The day after the election, our Canadian government declared Hamas a terrorist organization, with all the consequences that kick in with that designation. In doing so , Canada joined a few other western countries in designating Hamas a terrorist organization.

    • Lance says:

      And even now today, Israel says it will commit, on it’s part, to an Egyptian brokered cease fire by stopping it’s air campaign if Hamas simultaneously commits to stopping it’s rocket attacks. Hamas arbitrarily says “no”, and immediately fires more rockets.

      When the party across the table from you has a charter with the whole premise being your utter destruction, how do you even negotiate with that? But Israel tried anyway by agreeing now to a ceasefire. Hamas can’t even get past that starting point . If Israel now says, “see? why bother?”, who can blame them? No wonder they don’t give a shit what the world thinks when they say, “fuck this, we’re defending our citizens”.

      • Davie says:

        What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable,…oh, and here are a few pre conditions.

        Hamas is the villain of this decade,as is Hezbollah. Before that it was someone else,and before that someone else. Same with external threats! Same old same old…get them pesky varmints, evil to the core, on to reservations…and Israel keeps gobbling land and getting rid of a people.

        • Lance says:

          “Israel keeps gobbling land…….” Riggggghhhhhhhhttttttt………..

          Meanwhile, the Palestinians were offered 92% of what they are asking for in the West Bank and that is not enough; they want it all….at the expense of the existence of Israel. Now how would you negotiate with a party that doesn’t even acknowledge your right to even exist? You don’t, because doing so on that premise is, to put it bluntly, stupid.

          Hamas and Hezbollah don’t want a two state solution, they want a final solution. And when they are busy trying to prove that, you don’t worry about giving a shit what hand wringers like you think; you defend yourself and tell those like you to piss up a rope.

      • Just askin' says:

        On what planet is el-Sisi considered an ally of Palestine?

    • domenico says:

      the worst sort of 1rst year poli sci analysis. “European colony/regime”, “practicing apartheid”, “white people helping white people” Hamas as a beacon of moderation and restraint. Only the most blinkered ideologue, and/or old school NDP-er could trot out these bromides and not get laughed out of the room.

      • Davie says:

        You’re right…I am fairly old school…and you have just sniggered me out of this one…no sense going on with folks firmly in the 19th century’s ‘white man’s burden’ frame of mind.

    • davidray says:

      Methinks Warren has a point. Skip to the second last paragraph of any diatribe.

      to wit

      Hamas decided to emphasize its social service/political side, and called a truce with Israel. During the almost year and a half of that truce, some Hamas member kidnapped an Israeli citizen to trade him for kidnaped Palestinians. The Hamas guys ended up murdering that Israeli citizen.

      to which I say “if ya got em smoke em.” Whoosh.

      Imagine Hamas and Hezbollah got their wish and disapeared Israel from the face of the Earth. Withing a week they’d be a each others throats. I used to think follow the money but maybe it’s really about tribes. Always has been and always will be or as Bruce Cockburn once said when asked about climate change “We’re fucked.”

  5. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    I wonder how many rockets land in the Mount Royal postal code of say, H3R 2R9, on a typical Sunday afternoon? Any of that idiot Kinsella’s occasional readers happen to know?

    Docket EF-131590 Tesoro Savage CBR
    Scoping Comment
    V #12819
    From: Anne Streeter
    Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2013 12:38 PM
    To: EFSEC (UTC)
    Subject: Reference Application No. 2013-01/Docket No. EF-131590: Please reject the proposed
    Tesoro Savage oil export terminal project
    Dear Governor Inslee and Washington EFSEC:
    urge you to assess the full impact of Tesoro Savage’s proposal to ship 360,000 barrels of oil each day through Spokane,
    the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Vancouver and the Columbia River. Oil-by-rail and export by ship is a bad
    deal for Washington State and the entire Northwest region. The project comes at a steep price for rail and river
    communities throughout the state and along the Columbia River, yet offers few jobs in return. Based on the far reaching
    impacts of this project, I urge you to deny Tesoro Savage’s unprecedented proposal.
    The public safety and environmental impacts of the state’s largest pipeline-on-wheels proposal deserve close scrutiny.
    For example, EFSEC must assess:
    •The potential impacts of a large train-related oil spill along the rail route in Washington and beyond.
    •The transportation and public health impacts of additional unit train traffic through communities along the proposed
    oil-by-rail route. This includes evaluating emergency response capabilities in Vancouver, where oil trains would deliver
    and store oil, and other communities along the rail and shipping route.
    •The increased risk of an oil tanker spill on Washington State waters and along the shipping route.
    •The project’s impact on climate change. This analysis should include climate change impacts from crude oil as well as
    tar sands oil from cradle to grave.
    After carefully considering the safety, environmental, and climate risks associated with the project, I respectfully ask you
    to deny Tesoro Savage’s application.
    Thank you.
    Anne Streeter
    H3R 2R9

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