07.31.2014 07:51 AM

What I had to say about Kathleen Wynne and her opponents on Sun News, because Harrison Ruess never posts our clips

The senior web producer at Sun News is Harrison Ruess, a charming and dashing young man.  He has no faults I am aware of, apart from the fact that he never, ever puts clips up of the lovely and talented Ms. Kirbie or, most importantly, me, on the Sun News web site.

As such, I cannot offer you a clip of me responding to a question from the scintillating and prescient Adrienne Batra yesterday.  Her question was about Ontario P.C. MPP Vic Fideli running for his party’s leadership.  Because no link or official transcript exists, you will have to trust me when I say that I responded thusly to Ms. Batra’s query:

“Vic Who? Vic Who? Seriously? This guy was one Tim Hudak’s attack dogs, and look what that got them.  Vic Fedeli is one of the guys who drove the P.C. bus into the ditch, and now he wants them to give him the keys, permanently? Seriously?

But make no mistake: whoever the PCs select as their leader will be facing off against Kathleen Wynne, who all of us have learned that you underestimate at your peril.  She is a formidable politician.  And she absolutely crushed the PCs in the June election, and – if Vic Fedeli is their next leader – she will do it again. The PCs have learned nothing.”

There, Harrison.  Was that so painful?  My public want to hear from me, you know.



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    sezme says:

    Never trust a man with two last names.

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    TrueNorthist says:

    Let me guess, Mr Ruess got his “journalism” degree from Trinity Western, right? They are churning out graduates/warriors for Jeebus like a Pez dispenser.

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    Greg Vezina says:

    You underestimate Victor Fedeli as much or more than people underestimated Kathleen Wynne. When Mike Harris won the leadership of the PC party he was a unknown newly elected MPP who had been Chairman of the School Board. Vic Fedeli has much more political experience and was two time mayor of North Bay. Watch for him to bring back the Mike Harris promises of a citizen referendum law, promising to keep his promises, and throw in cancelling the Green Energy Act and $2 Billion in 20 year FIT subsidies for Liberal party insiders and replacing it with true competition between the public and private energy sectors to actually lower prices, which are all the Ontario PC party needs to win a huge majority.

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      Michael says:

      Greg Vezina, your statement encapsulates what is wrong with the ONPC today, and why they have a long way to go before they win any elections.

      You guys get a chubby thinking of the Mike Harris glory days. If you can’t see that the last election was a repudiation of thse radical right wing neo-con policies you are doomed to the opposition wilderness for a long time.

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      Nicole says:

      Winning elections requires a party to field candidates who appeal beyond the base. Christine Elliott is the best chance for the PC’s to attract centrist voters. She already has name recognition and is not viewed as part of the “angry white man” contingent that seemed to be providing Hudak advice. She could give Kathleen Wynne a run for her money and the Ontario PC Party would be foolish not to make her the next leader. And if all Ontario party leaders were women, not only would it be historic, but it would neutralize the gender factor since no one leader would have an advantage to attract female voters over the others.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I’m in agreement with Michael but I would also put it to you that not only is Kathleen Wynne the real deal, she is the deal endorsed massively by the voters. My sense of it is that leader gender is not important. Voters tend not to go for x-lite. They’ve annointed Kathleen and as long as she doesn’t screw it up royally, a second term practically is hers for the taking. The other leaders need to be authentic to be viable in the next campaign. Gender carbon copies just won’t cut it next time around.

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          Bobby says:

          “Massively” only by voters of Toronto and Ottawa Ronald. Keep the ROO out of that sick mix please.

          Nicole – Christine Elliott WOULD have been the best choice last time. Not now IMO. The PCs best chance is that they pick NO ONE in the Hudak caucus.
          Lisa Raitt would be the best match and counter to Wynne by far.

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            Ronald O'Dowd says:


            I wouldn’t measure Raitt’s head too quickly for the Ontario PC crown. I agree they should stay away from MPPs but the same thing goes for federal heavyweights who will have major credibility problems trying to distance themselves from eight years of rather centre-right government. PCs will need to find a him or her in the private sector with an accomplished business career. Divorcing oneself from the CPC will be extremely hard to do.

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      W the K - No, not Warren says:

      “the Mike Harris promises of a citizen referendum law”

      Ya, he sure respected the 1997 Metro Toronto wide referendum that overwhelmingly rejected amalgamation. Please.

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    doconnor says:

    Don’t you PVR yourself?

    No doubt many Conservatives believe that if only they where more right wing, they would have won. Everyone thinks that if their party just did what they think, they would surely win.

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