08.25.2014 06:02 AM

As the father of four children, I nominate this woman for a Nobel Prize

“A U.S. mother has created an Android app that offers parents a very modern solution to an old problem: What to do when your child won’t return your phone calls?

The “Ignore No More” app gives parents the ability to remotely lock their child’s smartphone, in the event their offspring’s ignoring their phone calls and text messages. The phone can only be re-activated if the child calls their parents back.”



  1. TrueNorthist says:

    Works right up to point when the miscreant roots the phone, which is de rigueur for most kiddies. Don’t waste yer money on it. Best to keep trying to actually get along with the little shit-rats. 😉

  2. Domenico says:

    Yes I too am the frequent recipient of:

    1.) My phone was off
    2.) I didn’t hear it ring
    3.) my battery died
    4.) I was going to phone you back but friend #3 and I were on a hard level of Counterstrike.

  3. davie says:

    Boy, wait till the telemarketers get hold of this.

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