08.14.2014 10:13 AM


Reminds me of Toronto during the G20, a bit. We did a song about that.


  1. Dean says:

    This is amazing

  2. debs says:

    This situation is more then tragic, its criminal. How about the cops stop shooting children, and maybe folks wouldn’t need to hold protests fighting back. The military equipment is being used against civilians and reporters, I kinda think both might be a tad frowned on, if not illegal:P

  3. davie says:

    Something that struck me many months ago was the shut down of a portion of Boston after that bomb blast at the Boston Marathon. I watched tv news off and on for a few days then, and tried to follow on internet. It looked to me as if the FBI and cops drummed up quite a bit of public fear, and a militarized looking force of cops and FBI were able to practically take over a part of an American city to hunt for a 19 year old wounded kid who might have a pistol. After they caught the kid, the Boston residents on the street applauded the militarized police who had shut down their community.

    (By the way…I wonder when that kid is going to get his day in court.)

  4. kre8tv says:

    The G20 thing was unsettling, but this is several degrees worse: an unarmed citizen shot in the head, media blackouts, warrantless arrests. And still, Middle America yawns.

    • davidray says:

      Unsettling? The G20 thing? It’s a thing now. Are you fucking kidding me? That was the most egregious act of physical and psychic violence ever perpetrated on the Canadian public all carefully planned by the police goons and their political masters for maximum effect. It was a planned crime this country will never recover from until the day an inquiry digs up what really happened and before the swine disappear forever in the dirt beneath the shine.

    • Lance says:

      It is tantamount to gradually boiling frogs.

    • debs says:

      I agree with you totally, except for the part that middle america yawns. From the comments I could read, America is pretty shocked and many folks are outraged! I think this will definitely wake them the fuck up. IF there is one thing america hates, is the shooting of kids. and the local authorities are handling it really badly. Its got worldwide coverage,
      AMERICA’ small city of ferguson, looks like gaza

  5. Kelly says:

    So let’s see…

    Cops get military equipment, US Terror laws allow the arrest of American citizens by the American military on US soil where you can be held indefinitely without charge and if charges are brought against you they are brought in secret in a military court and you don’t get to see the evidence against you. Meanwhile the NSA and CIA are engaged in wholesale indiscriminate collection of communications, interception and modification of communications hardware shipments as well as the bugging of US senators. Can we say police state?

    This will boil over eventually but right now we’re on a trajectory that is eerily familiar to anyone who’s watched Elysium. Once the planets wracked for good and the oligarchs head for the space station, all bets are off.

    As for low, western leaders have no credibility criticizing Putin.

    • TrueNorthist says:

      Plans within plans… I do not see it as a coincidence that a race war has suddenly erupted. Something is happening somewhere, probably in Ukraine.

  6. patrick says:

    Give someone a toy and they are going to have to use it. The G20 was a planned farce. The cops were so desperate to bash heads that they left a police cruiser alone so it would get vandalized just for an excuse – really, in a controlled area a police car is going to be left unguarded. Would be surprised if they pre coated the car just to make sure it would light up. The point being everyone, justifiably, talks about the police behaviour but no one talks about the decisions made by our politicians during the G20. Sham well done.

  7. Other Hockey Dad says:

    I have never agreed with WK posters more than at this moment, reading those posts above. And on most days you would probably call me a con-bot or Harpie for the way I violently disagree with most of what is posted here.

  8. TrueNorthist says:

    Phil Dick saw this coming a long time ago. The only thing he missed was that space travel would quickly be discarded as far too expensive and virtually useless as propaganda. Otherwise he had it pegged.

  9. Liam Young says:

    Define fascism? Private mercenaries training public officials (police) to beat the shit of out the people funding the mercenaries through idiotic governments believing that law and order (ie. fascism) is the answer.
    It’s a ticking time bomb because everyone is pissed.
    It’s time to pull the plug and insist on cuts and full, public audits of police spending and finance.
    If we don’t, we will slip into anarchy quickly. And the jack-booted thugs will beat us blind until we beg for mercy.

  10. smelter rat says:

    When you give someone a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Last night was like Selma all over again. Tonight the county cops have been pulled out, and the locals cops are doing much better.

  11. socks clinton says:

    Cops getting more firepower was the result of the 1997 North Hollywood shootout.


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