08.14.2014 08:31 AM

I’m going to make Valentin Erikson Prime Minister of Canada one day

I can’t tell you why I think he’s the best political staffer ever, and he won’t tell you why I think that.  His Conservative antecedents notwithstanding, this guy is awesome.

The foregoing is not a paid political advertisement.



  1. Derek Pearce says:

    “Only confirmed followers may see Erkison Valentin’s tweets” What’s up with that? I don’t do the Twitter, or even if I did would likely not follow him… so what’s the in-joke then?

  2. Calvin Harasemchuk says:

    He’s got my vote….anytime….

  3. Dean says:

    I have worked with this guy before. He is VERY bright (even though he is a Tory) and discrete. Too bad he joined the wrong team.

  4. JH says:

    Hey WK – see your pal Mark Bourrie is writing a book. Something about communications – doubt you’ll get a plug though. Maybe yours will be out at the same time. Now that would be interesting in a sales result horse race type of way. No doubt you’ll be a layover though so no good betting odds.
    Cheers – keep us posted.

  5. A Google search shows him to be a normal (wants to read the Hunger Games) and bright (reads The Economist critically, is reading The Republic and can he speak/read Russian?) seeming guy. I’m not put off, as you know, by anyone’s Tory roots. Anyone with genuine, compassionate, intelligent humanity deserves support. Does he fit that bill?

  6. Lorne says:

    How would you rate him against Justin Trudeau – B.A. Lit, B.Ed.?

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