08.02.2014 02:24 PM

My view at the moment. Life’s rough, etc.



  1. debs says:

    nice feet, look pedicured!

  2. que sera sera says:

    LOL!!! Good on ya!! Now, excuse me, my kayak’s calling me!! 🙂

  3. davie says:

    Life could get a tad rougher if you lean that hammock much more to the right.

  4. islandcynic says:

    Oh, c’mon Warren, I can look at my feet any day of the week……

  5. sezme says:

    Do you feel victorious? Or do you smell defeat?

  6. davie says:

    Yahbut…do you photograph them?…you could put something like this up along with your collection of Maplethorpes.

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