08.17.2014 10:42 AM

The view in Maine

Son Three, world skitter board champ. Nice.




  1. Jim Crammerton says:

    Looks nice. You’re lucky. Better enjoy. Soon they’re closing the border real and virtual:

    Muzzling the Running Darks

    Journalist Michael Den Tandt of the National Post decries the “Vile reactions to Justin Trudeau break-in a symptom of the degradation of political debate.” Den Tandt correctly links the “the reactive bilge water on Twitter” and Conservative attack ads to criminal and deviant behavior. He writes, “online anonymity, in social media and news comment streams, should be abolished…Let individuals be responsible for what they say; everything they say.”

    Russia is one country leading the world in this regard. A new law requires blogs with 3,000 or more unique visitors per day to register as “mass media”; those bloggers will be held to the same standards as other mass media in that they will be “required to certify the factual accuracy of the information in their blogs” or risk punishment. Irina Yarovaya, one of the leading sponsors of the law: “In principle, anonymity is always deception. It’s a wish to mislead someone.” The new regulations will shutter digital anonymity in Russia. Without compliance, Google, its subsidiaries (mainly YouTube) and Twitter could become banned in Russia.

    Any company, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google will have to store the data of users on servers residing on Russian soil. The law also requires that all distributors of online content keep user data for six months after its creation within Russia. This will allow the Kremlin direct access to email providers and social networks that serve Russian citizens. The six-month storage clause will force foreign Internet providers to comply with Russia’s request for user data, or else risk getting subpoenaed by the Russian government. Other countries – Brazil, India (fellow BRICS-Axis countries) Iran – are monitoring Russia’s attempts to forbid access to foreign-controlled media like Twitter in their own attempts to sanitize political discourse. They, like Putin are skeptical of the World Wide Web: “You do know that it all began initially, when the Internet first appeared, as a special CIA project. And this is the way it is developing.”

    The same day Putin ruled on Internet rules a law was signed into effect that ruled that swearing is not allowed in movies, theater, or in concerts. In the same way, laws could be implemented in Canada preventing what Den Tendt describes blighting our political discourse: “The Conservative party has since April of 2013 indulged in organized mockery and vilification, aimed at Trudeau personally.” Political attack ads (and all negative propaganda for that matter) could be entirely banned. Along with a truly sanitized, self-contained/native internet architecture, the Conservative cabal along with Yanqui imperialism could be entirely banished from the Canadian political landscape as the positive and constructive vision of the Dear Leader Justin Trudeau rises as a new dawn sun!

    Committee for Media Reform, Moscow, Aug. 2014

  2. david ray says:

    Aye Jimmy, you’d have loved the Stasi.

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