09.13.2014 08:56 AM

From the bulging Shameless Hypocrite file: John Tory on Doug Ford

There is plenty of stuff like this lying around. And it’s why I broke with the guy: he enthusiastically supported – for years, without qualification – the very thing he now claims to loathe and oppose.

He’s not running because he opposes the Fords. He’s running because he’s the worst kind of opportunist, and he figured he could beat a crack-smoking “buffoon.”

Beat Rob Ford? Sure. But beat Doug, about whom he said stuff like this? We shall see.



  1. Cameron says:

    John Tory is the worst kind of phony possible. A completely empty suit. If you’re a Liberal and plan on voting for John Tory then you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Matt says:

    Forum poll this morning (yes I know, it’s FORUM) in the field yesterday after Doug entered:

    Tory 41% (up 1)
    Doug Ford 34% (up 6 from Rob)
    Chow 19% (down 3)

    Sympathy bump? I king of look at Ford Nation as it’s own political party. And that party got a new leader yesterday, so it could be like provincial and federal party’s getting a “honeymoon bump” after a new leader is chosen.

    I suppose it could also be people who liked what Rob was doing politically but went away from him because of the scandals coming back.

    Or it’s Forum, and they’re full of crap.

    • Ron says:

      Could be split Ford vote, since Rob’s name still has to be on the ballot (I hear).

      How many beer guzzling clods will still mark their ballot for Rob ?

      The thing about the signs will blow over (they hope) but once a ballot is
      marked, it stays marked.

  3. debs says:

    polls mean the opposite. so Olivia will win in a landslide:)

    • ottawacon says:

      I think Chow’s best asset left the race. Her appeal was already slipping badly, however with Rob Ford out of the race I don’t think there are many voters scared of any of the alternatives. I had expected her to regain some ground, but I think she is done now.

  4. Pipes says:

    Got ta say it…I’m thinking Doug is gonna win this thing.

  5. sungwing says:

    Er, no. Rob Ford’s name is off the ballot. He met the deadline for withdrawing.

  6. Michael Jones says:

    All the more reason to focus on quality people on council. The flip side of Tory being a disingenuous empty suit is infinite malleability – he’ll go out of his way to be likable to council, who will really run the show. Doug will make Rob look like Mr. Congeniality by comparison – his relationship with a Premier Wynne or future PM Trudeau would be beyond toxic. Tory could at least manage that, although from a position of obsequiousness.

  7. Tim says:

    I’ll wish Olivia Chow the best, but I fear the sands of time are shifting under her. She represented a federal constituency in Trinity Spadina, that really doesn’t exist any longer. Lower income people live further out from the downtown now, the gentrification of the inner City continues. She’s not wrong in what she says, but she’s failing to connect with the voters in a meaningful way, the Fords poll better with the people she wants to include in her vision of Toronto. Her constituency has moved, Vaughn’s decisive win in her old riding says a lot about what is taking place.

    That quote you’re using from the Toronto Star is over 4 years old, maybe John Tory has had his road to Damascus moment with the Fords since that time. People do change, we can only hope. Because it’s not looking promising for an NDP mayor right this minute.

  8. Matt says:

    A second post Doug Ford announcement poll has been released.

    It’s from a company I’ve never heard of before, Mainstreet Technologies.

    Tory 47%
    Chow 27%
    Doug Ford 16%

  9. Joe says:

    I think both Fords, Tory and Chow need to take Justin Trudeau’s advice and rethink their Space Time Continuums.

  10. Iris Mclean says:

    Did Dug really say that he’d “jump off a bridge” for his little brother?

  11. patrick says:

    Opportunism in politics?! Shocking. Just shocking I say. And the worst kind of opportunist, you say, as opposed to the best kind of opportunist. Uh, what is the best kind of opportunist, other that it being the side you happen to be on?

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