09.09.2014 09:17 PM

News from the front



  1. que sera sera says:

    “None of it is any good, mind you … ”

    Ultimately, I suspect we’ll be the judge of that!!! 😉

  2. Lance says:

    Looking forward to reading them. 🙂

  3. Thus wird einander jeder kunde ohne Bedrohung und ebenfalls auf jeden fall von den versauten Frauen live vor der ja bekanntlich Videochat.

    Fixit when any appliances or vehicles give problems.
    He literally buys the farm ‘ an apple farm in upstate New York and he turns his back on a world where the internet is going to explode exactly in all the ways he predicted.

  4. davie says:

    Bob Newhart used to have a monologue bit based on: if an infinite number of monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters were to type for an infinite time, would one of them come up with the works of Shakespeare?

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