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The Ottawa Citizen’s massive apology to Dalton McGuinty

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It’s a shit-eater, too. Wow.

Some of us had been saying for a long time, forcefully, the Citizen (and the leakers at the OPP) had been reckless and wrong about the former Premier. Very, very happy to see this.


  1. Other Hockey Dad says:

    When’s McGuinty going to apologize to us for the shambles he left the province in? I’ve been waiting for THAT apology. Worst. Premier. Ever.

    Nice of him to run away to the US and leave this financial mess for us. And blame it on Mike Harris in 3…2…1…

    • Ted H says:

      Cliché it may be from your viewpoint but Harris actually did leave the province in shambles, McGuinty went a long way towards putting it back together and making it a place for people, not just the moneyed interests that support the Conservatives. Obviously the voters in the last Ontario election don’t agree with you either dad.

      • Other Hockey Dad says:

        Well, I used to be a person. I used to live in an Ontario for people. But since I’m a white male, Christian, monogamously married for 22 years, with 2 kids, a dog, a car, a van, and a house in the suburbs now I’m only a taxpayer that nobody agrees with apparently, who’s continually called upon to fund the debt being racked up on behalf of all the other “people” who aren’t like me. I guess since I still work and am able to pay taxes that’s your definition of “a moneyed interest”.

        • Kaspar Juul says:

          No you’re not listened to because you come off like a petty bitter jerk

          • Other Hockey Dad says:

            Kas sub-Par you should try more than a drive by one liner smear sometime, maybe try actually debating someone’s points. Beyond your miniscule brain power, no doubt.

          • Other Hockey Dad says:

            Actually, don’t bother approving my previous comment, just let Warren know that the smelter rats, kaspar juuls, and david rays have made the discourse here worthless and I’m taking his website off my daily reading links. As I heard once before from WK “Take a hike pal, don’t come back”. Back at ya.

          • Kaspar Juul says:

            Awesome. Then we won’t have to hear your fish tales?

        • Michael says:

          Feel entitled much?

  2. que sera sera says:

    Seems like too little too late. Thousands of pages, thousands of stories, thousands of opinions. Built on bullshit.

    While real stories aren’t investigated or reported. The power of the partisan press, eh; the joys of concentrated media ownership.

  3. Jake says:

    Here’s more on the ex-PMs from Quebec conspiracy to overthrow Harper. Now we have CTV/Bell Media (of Montreal) lining up the anti-Harper propaganda:



    “There’s no whore like an old ex-PM from Quebec!”

  4. Ian Howard says:

    McGuinty is innocent of criminal wrong doing.
    Having read many of the emails released, he and his inner circle were totally unsuited to the implementation of policy’s that were driven primarily by political decisions and interest groups whose financial support not only gave them access but the right to determine policy. Green energy from procurement to pricing will go down as one of the most out of control fiscal disasters that this province has ever seen.
    The “modernization of the OLG designed by conservatives for corporate interests is another example of the mess Duncan and McGuinty made when following their corporate benefactors wishes.
    The looting of the treasury to insure the continued support of teachers unions, their about face, and then surrender shows how unfit they were for office.
    Dalton McGuinty was no crook he just was a weak leader who didn’t really trust many in his own party.
    The one act he should not be forgiven for is what he did to Chris Bentley. All that bullshit about sensitive financial information that would weaken the governments negotiating position was just plain crap. Read the documents, the idiots in charge had already destroyed whatever position the government had. He and his people did a really awful thing to a decent man. There was no need for a speakers ruling and the travesty that followed. If the Citizen owed McGuinty an apology I sure hope Premier Dad did the right thing and apologized to Chris Bentley because he screwed him big time.
    He is no crook but he is and will remain an incompetent prick until the day he apologizes for what he did to his energy minister.
    How good Kathleen Wynne is remains to be seen but I sincerely believe she is genuine the same cannot be said for Dalton.

  5. davidray says:

    Harperspeak in rebuttal to Mulroney.

    “has to be enveloped in a broader and more generous sweep that takes in Canadian traditions and Canadian history in a much more viable way.”

    imagine sitting down for a beer with someone who actually speaks like this. I guess bullshit still baffles brains.

  6. Ian Howard says:

    Incompetent not a crook


    The Premier’s Office assured TCE it would
    be compensated for the financial value of
    the contract for the Oakville plant instead
    of relying on protections in the OPA/TCE
    contract that could have minimized any
    damages paid to TCE as a result of cancel

    ling the plant

    The OPA could have invoked
    a clause in the contract that made it liable
    for reimbursing TCE for lost profits only in
    the event of a “discriminatory action,” and
    argued that the cancellation of the plant
    would not have met the contract’s definition
    of such an action (the definition specified
    that a discriminatory action affecting TCE
    had to be taken by the Legislative Assembly
    of Ontario through legislation or similar
    measures). In early 2010, the OPA did explore
    the ramifications of terminating the contract
    and obtained a legal opinion confirming that
    cancellation would not meet the definition of

    a discriminatory action. The opinion also said
    that, if enforceable, the clause in the contract
    would limit the OPA’s liability.


  7. Ian Howard says:

    They did try to stonewall this. Was it to see if they could win a majority in a by election and defeat the contempt motion? Not a crook but contemptible.


    “The power authority, which is conducting negotiations on behalf of the government with proponents of the two plants, said the records pertaining to the costs associated with their cancellations are legally exempt from freedom-of-information legislation for a number of reasons. One is that they pertain to sensitive negotiations that could harm the government’s financial interests.”

  8. Kevin Shea says:

    Before the Liberals took office, Ontario’s credit rating was a triple A. It has since been downgraded and another downgrade is imminent. Moody’s also has Ontario under a very serious credit watch and has changed Ontario’s financial stance from stable to negative.The Liberal debt is rising at a rate of almost 1 billion a month, 226 million a week, 32 million a day and almost 1.5 million an hour. The current annual deficit is 11.3 billion. Paying only the interest on the debt is costing taxpayers 10.6 billion a year which is the third largest expense after health care and education. The debt was 139 billion in 2003 and, after 10 years under the Liberals, the debt in 2013 was 273 billion. Today, the debt is 288 billion and the total debt is to reach almost 338 billion by 2016-17. Ontario went from being the economic engine of Canada to being the most deficit-ridden province in the country and a have-not welfare province for the first time in Canadian history. If elected, Trudeau will do to Canada’s economy what the Liberals have done to Ontario.

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