10.17.2014 08:40 AM


Great writing, here, and some actual wisdom delivered in staccato bursts, too. Lala and all you in your forties, read.


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    davie says:

    I am in my 70’s, and I read this constantly realizing, ‘Why didn’t I notice that?’ ‘ I should have known that.’
    I thought of Arthur Miller’s autobiography in which he says that he was always at least a decade behind, not knowing how to be a teen until in his 20’s, not knowing how to be in his 20’s until he was 40, …in his 70’s and thinking he is still in his 50’s with lots of time.
    My consolation here is that the article is by a female; when I was about 13 I began to notice that the females in my life were a way ahead of me on this kind of growing, and they have maintained and extended that lead. Way ahead!

    (I think I was almost 50 before I gave up on the idea of picking Beliveau’s pocket, deking past Harvey, and zipping one past Plante, high on the glove side…or of pillow talk with Lollabrigida.)

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    Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    As a woman in my very late seventies, I can say that everything she wrote is absolutely true, and I am totally gob-smacked that she got it in her forties. I`m just starting to get it now!

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