10.07.2014 08:29 AM

John Tory “summoned” by Harper

Only @JohnTory2014 would think being “summoned” by a very unpopular Conservative leader is worth promoting. ┬áThis is going to make you really popular with Ontario Liberals and the vote you most covet (women, youth, folks in the Old City).

What a bunch of idiots.




  1. Ron says:

    Turds of a feather.

  2. Ken from the Annex says:

    Yep, that’s pretty stupid …

  3. sezme says:

    And if Tory manages to lose to Doug Ford, as the polls are now starting to suggest he might, he will have pulled off his most impressive loss yet. Heaven help us all.

    • Houland Wolfe says:

      So the worst case scenario emerges out of the darkness that is the Toronto electorate in these precarious times. Could it be my strategic vote for Tory is for naught? argggh! There is no justice.

      • sezme says:

        This whole subject is making me very depressed. I still believe that Olivia would be the best of the three, whether or not she betrayed Warren. But my opinion won’t win her the election. It looks to me like the only question left to answer is exactly how fucked Toronto will be, but it’s a choice between “very” and “very, very”.

        At this point I’m almost rooting for Duggie, because in power, he would alienate himself from council faster than even Rob was able to, and so optimistically, we’d have a de facto progressive government. But more likely we’d have a few more years of complete thuggery, with the Toronto electorate confirming its place as a global laughingstock, and we’d be off on our quest of becoming Cleveland.

  4. bjhtn says:

    Here’s why I believe Forum’s poll results from today are off. Hint: they only surveyed 88 people under 35 years old and bumped up the results as though it was representative of 35% of the voting-age population.


  5. Steven says:

    The word “summoned” is truly cringe-worthy.

    But then again, what about someone, anyone, please playing again and again and again the Harper “Conservative Trifecta” (Harper, Hudak, Ford) speech?

  6. MississaugaPeter says:

    WK, when does Olivia withdraw to insure Ford is not elected?

    It almost seems that you may be rooting for the underdog in what is becoming a decision between three poor choices. The funny/sad/ridiculous thing is that in Toronto, it seems that is the case every election.

    • Warren says:

      I’m not rooting for her. Believe me.

      I bleed loyalty, as one longtime Liberal friend once said to me. But when you violate that, I’ll be your enemy for life.

      • MississaugaPeter says:

        Sorry, you misunderstood. When I stated “underdog”, I was referring to Doug (last to decide to run; representative of his brother’s/family’s/own shenanigans/behaviour).

        Attacking Tory lately almost seems that you have gone to the Dark Side (or what you may consider the best of three poor choices).

        No readers here doubt your loyalty to those who deserve it and reciprocate.

        • Warren says:

          I think Doug could win. Would be better than his brother.

          • Steven says:

            Channeling Peggy Lee: Is that all there is…

            What a total disgrace for Toronto!

          • Pipes says:

            I’ve said this before, and in a strange way, continuous compulsive repetition seems rather therapeutic. I met Chow a couple of times in the past and I and several others who met her were not impressed. I have met and spoken with Tory and my experience with him is, he is a blamer, a deflector and doesn’t take responsibility for his actions.

            I was disappointed that you supported Chow, but I understood why, and what I thought would happen, well, it actually happened.

            I hate to say this, but I think DOFO is the better of the 3. It’s like going through a filthy public washroom and trying to find the toilet that is the least fouled.

            Finally, and as we know, soon the people shall speak and the people are never wrong………………:) They certainly nailed it 4 years ago eh!

  7. Lance says:

    Well, if Tory loses ANOTHER election (his most spectacular loss yet with the lead he had) I think that this will FINALLY be the end of his electoral ambitions, LOL

  8. Mackenzie says:

    And who could fault the little boy for his sobering, direct answer.
    So many young men become the kind of moody, depressed, and angry boy
    that media often creates and then society wants to fix. Those who are ready for a
    change at quarterback aren’t ready for a change in the quality of regular season play the Eagles have enjoyed over the last

  9. Pipes says:

    The first political candidate who stands up and says-“By thunder, I think it is time for Canada, ( or Ontario or even Toronto ) to build our own car!” gets my vote.
    We need bigger, better, brighter, bolder ideas and fresh new perspectives. No one has any.

    If it were me, not only would we have our own national car, but it would run on maple syrup. We have the technology………………..the government is hiding it. Be afraid. Be very very afraid………..

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