10.03.2014 06:08 AM

Life is full of irony

Many politicians, meanwhile, are full of something else.



  1. Blue Grit says:

    Great point here by Jeff.
    The difference between lip service and actually standing up, is not a thin line at all. Chow missed an excellent opportunity to cement this message. She really has a way of underestimating the people she claims to support, and as such, they are not buying into her message.

  2. Houland Wolfe says:

    Al Sharpton, she ain’t

  3. sezme says:

    Well to be fair, Warren’s point as far as I could tell was to accuse Tory’s transit plan of looking racist, and by implication to paint Tory as racist. Olivia’s point is that racism would have no place in her administration. I don’t think that her statement implies that the her opponent(s) are racist. Two different points with perhaps a fine line between them.

    • Warren says:

      No, that wasn’t my point. My point was to ask if his plan – not the man – was treating some parts of the city more equal than others.

      If I’d wanted to call him a racist, I would’ve used those words. I didn’t.

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